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33rd Guwahati Book Reasonable

Guwahati: The ongoing 33rd edition of the Guwahati book reasonable held at Chandmari field witnessed impressive number of bibliophiles and visitors from across the region.

The 12-day reasonable has attracted heavy foot-fall of book lovers, writers and publishers from all across the nation. And despite the growing demand for e-books the popularity of printed books doesn’t seems to have gone down as book lovers’ throng to the reasonable looking for their favourites.

Also the Assam Journal Board is making all out efforts to maintain the Assamese literature. The reasonable has also attracted a lot of students from across the region as they’re getting an possibility to explore more dimensions of academics and getting aware of different multi-lingual books.

The book reasonable came as great news for book enthusiasts as their heaven has been opened once again to wander around amidst the pages of their preferred genres. A immense number of visitors were seen on the opening day itself with a large selling number bringing up smiles in the faces of the writers and publishers. People across the state came rushing to shop for books although the pandemic situation brought crisis to everyone.

 Following the unlock 6.0, mass events began to shoot off around the state including the Guwahati book reasonable which was once to start with to be organised in March 2020 but was once postponed until further notice because of the Covid 19 outbreak. Bringing the excellent news to book lovers across the state, the Assam Journal board announced the graduation of the event from December 30 to January 10.

Since the event has been organised after a hole of 2 years, it has been in a position to draw more readers, some of which have come not only to shop for books to read but also to gather them. In addition, it has also come to notice that many of us found new interest in reading all over the long lockdown period. As per the organisers, people of all age groups have come in the treasure hunt with different preferences of genres and writers.

While the more youthful generation searched for books of Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathi, Ravinder Singh etc, the older ones have a tendency to prefer Homen Borgohain, Rita Chowdhury, Anuradha Sharma Pujari etc. According to the Assam Journal Board sales have been higher in comparison to the preceding years.

In an era of smart devices this is a good signal that people are still interested in buying and reading books. There was a common insight amongst people that the habit of reading has missing its popularity daily but at Chandmari Book reasonable it just seemed unfaithful.

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