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The pandemic has caused a large number of disruption in the lives of adults and students alike. Parents are suddenly finding themselves juggling between the home and office work always of the day. For students too, staying focused and motivated may also be difficult. Education might continue online, but with lockdown and social distancing norms in place, students are losing out on socialization which can have an adverse effect of anxiety, depression or feelings of loneliness as polite. Here are 5 tips on what students can do to increase their productivity and stay focused and motivated all through this time.

 Create a routine

The one object that helped students manage their day used to be a routine. They went to school for committed hours, then they came home, ate lunch, played a sport, busy in some other activity etc. Their days were deliberate and prepared. Creating a routine even while at home and help bring the constitution back for students. Scheduling in school hours, homework works, exercise hours, and even social hours where they may be able to meet few friends (with social distancing), and very importantly committed meal times and a good night’s rest. Routine and constitution will help students stay on top of their assignments, meet friends and have something to look forward to.

Build a committed study place

Studies have shown that one’s workspace can have an have an effect on on their surroundings. When home and school are merged as one, it’s difficult for students to stay focused on their work. Dedicate a desk in a silent corner of the house as their ‘school space’. This is where they attend their classes, total assignments etc. Make certain the desk is kept neat and tidy and also filled with colour to be able to make it feel appealing and fun, not serious and boring. The surroundings which you memorize affairs a lot. Most importantly make certain it is devoid of loud noises and distractions like people constantly walking by.

The correct quantity of exercise

Exercise is essential for children. An hour of exercise or movement in a day can have a remarkable have an effect on on learning. Exercise stimulates chemical changes in the mind that help reinforce temper, thinking and mind operate. Even with the social distancing norms, it is conceivable for children to receive good exercise. One can practice yoga, hop rope, hula hoop, in-door exercises, dance etc. In this day and age there are lots of people offering classes through zoom and other channels for students.

Adequate sleep

Studies have shown that kids who frequently get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, learning, reminiscence, and overall mental and physical health. Make certain children receive no less than 8-10 hours of sleep a night, and younger children may even require more. A good night’s sleep can help students focus better, bettering their learning.

Build goals, objectives and roadmaps

Having goals and objectives help children stay prepared. If they’re school-related goals or personal goals, it’s good for students to build these and then build a roadmap on how they’ll achieve it. Knowing that they’ve an end goal and a method by which to achieve it, will help students stay heading in the right direction, and also give them that burst of motivation when they start achieving their goals. The satisfaction and confidence they get in achieving the simpler goals will give them the boost they wish to build and achieve more difficult goals.

(Writer Rohan Parikh is Managing Director- The Green Acres Academy. Views expressed here are personal.)

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