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Moderna and Pfizer’s announcement of the safety percentage of their vaccine candidate has intensified the vaccine battle. Serum Institute of India’s CEo Adar Poonawalla on Tuesday took to Twitter and reminded that a good vaccine might not be the person who comes first. A good vaccine has four attributes, Poonawalla tweeted. It needs to be protected, it will have to offer long-term protection against the targetted disease, it will have to be transported and stored at a manageable temperature. And lastly, it will have to be affordable to all of humanity, Poonawalla wrote.


Definition of a good vaccine =
1. Secure
2. Offers long-term protection against targetted disease
3. Will also be transported and stored at a manageable temperature
4. Affordable to all of humanity

— Adar Poonawalla (@adarpoonawalla) November 17, 2020

Latest to the ongoing vaccine developments, Pfizer and BioNTech SE final week said their vaccine candidate was once found to be more than 90 per cent effective in preventing Covid-19. Moderna on Monday said its vaccine candidate against Covid-19, found it to have an efficacy of 94.5 per cent. The vaccines are at present waiting for the approval of the regulatory body. Then again, medical experts don’t seem to be certain if Pfizer vaccine would be helpful to poorer nations as the vaccine shot needs minus 70 degrees Celsius temperature. In normal medical refrigerator temperature, Pfizer vaccine may also be stored for five days.

Major hospitals in america have said they don’t have the storage facility as required for Pfizer vaccine. Without taking any name, Poonawalla indicated that a good vaccine can’t be so difficult to store. Earlier, the CEO of the world’s largest vaccine producer — by the volume — had said to the Washington Post that vaccines that require ultra-cold storage are ‘prank’. “Nobody wants a vaccine that is only going to give protection to you for a couple of months,” he had said.

Serum Institute had earlier said that their vaccine will be priced at Rs 224 per dose.

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