Ankeet Chavan Requests BCCI Through MCA To Issue Ban Revocation Letter


Ankeet Chavan represented Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League.© AFP

Former Mumbai left-arm spinner Ankeet Chavan, who used to be suspended for life by the BCCI for his alleged involvement in IPL spot-fixing scandal in 2013 together with S Sreesanth, has requested the BCCI to issue his ban revocation letter which would allow him to go back to competitive cricket. Final year, the BCCI’s Ombudsman Justice (Retd) DK Jain had reduced the quantum of sentence for both Sreesanth and Chavan to seven years from the life ban imposed by the BCCI. While the copy of the order regarding Sreesanth had arrived even before his ban ended on September 2020, Chavan had to wait till May 3 to receive his order. 

Then again, as a way to return to action, he needs a confirmation letter from the BCCI which he hasn’t yet received. 

“My ban has been reduced by the Ombudsman final year and the quantum of sentence used to be seven years which ended in September 2020,” Chavan told PTI. 

“On May 3, I have got a letter from Ombudsman, which is already marked to the BCCI. This used to be after a virtual hearing on April 19, when I used to be called upon by the Ombudsman.” Chavan has requested his home state organization to pursue the matter with the BCCI as he hasn’t received any reply from the parent body for the past month since the Ombudsman order came. 

“I got letter from Ombudsman that my ban has been reduced to seven years. I had written to BCCI president, secretary and CEO for a letter which states that my ban has been reduced. 


“The same as what used to be provided to Sreesanth, but his order came before the end of the ban and mine after the completion of ban. Since I did not get that letter, I had to write to MCA requesting them to write to BCCI for that letter. 

“Whether I have to make myself to be had, I have to produce a letter from BCCI to prove that my ban has been reduced. Once the letter comes, I will officially start playing again,” Chavan said.

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