Ankita Bhargava shares her struggle with ‘mom guilt’: ‘I have to fight it outta my system each unmarried day’ – tv



Actor Ankita Bhargava, wife of actor Karan Patel, shared her experience with guilt approximately returning to work as a new mother. Karan and Ankita are parents to a baby girl named Mehr, who will turn one on Monday.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Ankita said that her life totally revolved around Mehr for the first six months. Alternatively, then, she asked herself a very powerful question: “What legacy will I leave in the back of for my daughter?”

“Her presence in my life filled me with such a lot love, warmth, fulfilment and contentment that I FELT INSPIRED! I wanted her to realise from early childhood that One needs to work tough in life to realise your dreams. I wanted her to realize that having a dream is important. I wanted her to realize that being passionate approximately your work is important. And for all this I had to step out of home and go to work!,” she wrote.

Ankita said that the first few weeks were ‘emotionally difficult’ for her. “Mehr then again used to be too small to realise my absence considering the truth that lil babies nap a lot. Even today my office hours are spaced around her nap time in an effort to minimise my time absent from her,” she wrote.


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The guilt of returning to work, leaving one’s baby at home, ‘doesn’t in truth go absent for good’, Ankita revealed. “It comes and goes every day and I have to retain reminding myself why and what I am working for! I have to fight it outta my system each unmarried day!”

Alternatively, Ankita said that she has a greater goal to reach. “The goal is way higher than making a brand or making money, the goal is to set an example for this tiny human I have created and brought into this world!,” she wrote, thanking her daughter for being her inspiration.

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