Assam Electricity Board losses more than Rs 150 Cr because of power theft


Guwahati: Assam Power minister Bimal Borah on Friday claimed that the state electricity branch has to affect a loss of more than Rs 150 crore per month, because of power theft by two high-valued customers over the last couple of years.

Based on information, the electricity squad has launched an operation on Thursday, and caught two companies namely Sib Alloyd Company and Jaiswal Alloyd Company red handed for their alleged involvement in power theft cases, stated the minister.

Addressing the media here in Guwahati, Bimal Borah said, “Both these companies had installed foreign circuits in the Current Transformer and Potential Transformer (CTPT) and thereby bypassing the power from 33KB electricity line and 11KB electricity line without coming into the attention of the electricity branch.”

The minister also claimed that because of the installation of such foreign circuits, the metre reading also comes out to be very less.

Minister also alleged that there are few officials from the branch who are busy in such nefarious activities; else this wouldn’t have been imaginable for the two high-valued customers.

Borah also informed that the state government will get a hold of an Electricity Distribution Law with the intention to restrict power theft cases.

Meantime, a Research and Development Wing has also been set up by the state government for monitoring all of the activities.

Furthermore, the minister informed that several government offices in the state owed Rs 106 crore to the electricity board; thus, the Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma has directed the finance branch to make essential arrangements to get better the arrears of electricity charges at the earliest.

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