Assam police arrests more than 500 drug peddlers in one month


Guwahati: As a part of new Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s war on drugs, Assam police have arrested more than 500 drug peddlers and seized large quantities of unlawful substances worth Rs 23.8 crore in one month.

Addressing the media here on Thursday, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “As per government record, in final one month we have seized heroin worth Rs 7,98,68,000, Ganja worth Rs 6,10,49,059, Tablet worth Rs 9,02,60,700, Morphin Rs 50,000, Cough Syrup Rs 38,68,500, Opium Rs 11,07,500 and Poppy straw Rs 18,45,000.”

Assam Government may be coming up with seven new forensic laboratories to confine drug peddlers from getting bail, stated the CM.

Notably, the decision used to be made all through the Superintendents of police convention in Kaziranga’s Kohora on Wednesday.

The chief minister further assured to continue their drive against drugs and in its transits in the state vigorously. “The Assam Government may be planning to maximize Rehabilitation centres in the state; the announcement for a similar is likely to be done in the next budget session,” said CM Sarma.

Furthermore, the Government of Assam will also declare ‘transit of cattle’ as unlawful in the next budget session.

“A law will be passed in this regard at the Assam Legislative Meeting, following which the police will get power to combat cattle smuggling in the state,” added CM Sarma.

Meantime, through executive order, the Government of Assam has already managed to stop ‘transit of cattle’ in the state, the chief minister claimed.

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