A minimum of 7 killed in knife attack in northeastern China – world news



A minimum of seven people were killed and another seven injured in a knife attack in northeastern China, state media reported Sunday.

The attack in the city of Kaiyuan in Liaoning province used to be carried out out of doors a sauna and bathhouse. The suspect, identified by the media by his surname Yang, used to be arrested while the motive for the attack remains unknown.

Chinese law restricts the sale and possession of firearms, and mass attacks are normally carried out with knives or homemade explosives.

Perpetrators of similar attacks previously have been described as mentally ill or bearing grudges against society.

In earlier attacks, a school security guard wielding a knife injured no less than 39 people at a kindergarten in the southern region of Guangxi in June this year. The culprit used to be convicted to death.

In 2018, a man killed one and injured 12 in a knife attack at a shopping mall in Beijing.


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