Barcelona Hit Tough As La Liga Slashes Salary Caps


Barcelona’s salary cap for this season has been cut by nearly 300 million euros.© AFP

Barcelona’s salary cap for this season has been cut by nearly 300 million euros according to La Liga’s list of spending limits for Spanish clubs, announced on Tuesday.  The coronavirus pandemic has had enormous economic effects on Spain’s top-flight teams, with Barca among those worst affected. Their wage cap for the 2020-21 season will be 382.7 million euros, down from 671.4 million euros final term, when they had the highest limit in La Liga. 

Real Madrid will have the biggest budget this season even if theirs has also been reduced from 641 million euros to 468.5 million euros. 

Atletico Madrid have seen a decrease of 131.8 million euros to 252.7 million euros, which leaves Atletico with almost half as much to spend as their city rivals Real.

La Liga’s 20 first division clubs will be capable to spend a complete of 2.33 billion euros on wages this season, which represents a drop of 610 million euros. 

Salary allocations in Spain will also be spent on players, coaches and academy players, with the aim to cause greater financial stability to the 42 teams in the top two divisions. 

Barcelona is already negotiating another round of cuts for their players while Real Madrid might also begin negotiating a discount in salaries, according to reports in Spain. 


Both clubs have been heavily impacted by the pandemic, provided their heavy reliance on matchday revenue, in addition to income generated from museums and club shops. 

Barcelona allowed Luis Suarez, Arturo Vidal and Ivan Rakitic to leave right through the summer transfer window and were open to selling Ousmane Dembele. Real Madrid chose not to make a unmarried new signing for the first time in 40 years.

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