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In a new sneak peek from Bigg Boss 14, Nikki Tamboli got emotional all over a candid conversation approximately friendship with Rahul Vaidya. Citing the example of best friends Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni, Rahul said that he used to be sad to not have a near friend in the Bigg Boss house, to which Nikki asked whether he expected the sort of friendship in the show.

“Definitely! Kaun nahi chahta? Whether I lose my object, koi toh ho jo pyaar se haath pakad ke bole, ‘Rahul, galat!’ (Who does not want a friendship like that? Whether It’s not that i am on the correct path, there must be someone who holds my hand and points out that I am mistaken),” he said.

Talking approximately his equation with Nikki, Rahul said, “Main yeh bhi nahi keh sakta, ki haan, bohot zyada near main tere saath mehsoos kar raha hoon. Na hi main tere se door mehsoos kar raha hoon. Main impartial mehsoos kar raha hoon tere liye (I will not say that I feel very near to you. I don’t feel distant from you either. My feelings towards you are impartial).”

Hearing this, Nikki used to be hurt and reminded Rahul of what he told her when they were in the red zone together. “Jab red zone mein main aapke saath thi toh aapne kaha tha, ‘Tu nahi hoti toh main kiske saath baatein karta?’ Toh kahin na kahin wahaan pe humara connection strong ho gaya tha (When I used to be with you in the red zone, you had told me that whether I used to be not there, you should not have anyone to talk to. Somewhere, our connection got strong there),” she said, to which he agreed.


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Nikki got teary-eyed and told Rahul that his words approximately not having a friend in the Bigg Boss house hurt her because according to her, they were near friends. He then told her that she misunderstood: “Main alag angle se keh raha tha. Teri meri dosti alag hai, teri meri dosti ko kisi aur dosti se compare nahi karunga (I meant it otherwise. Our friendship is different and I wouldn’t compare it with anyone else’s).” She broke down, saying that she has a problem with the word ‘impartial’, and he gave her a hug to cheer her up.

Prior to now, Rahul had turned to Nikki for consolation after his intense fight with Jasmin Bhasin, and she had consoled him when he broke down. Then again, after that, Rahul used to be disappointed with Nikki’s strategy all over a task in which they had to compete with every other. They had to hold on to an oxygen mask until the timer ran out and she stuffed it down her pants, which he called an unfair tactic. She won the task, and he used to be banished to the red zone.

Nikki apologised to Rahul, but he asked her to give him some time. A day later, they had a talk and discussed how a task is a task but there may be a genuine equation between them. All the way through the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, she used to be chided by host Salman Khan for her behaviour all over the task.

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