Bigg Boss 14’s Aly Goni on Salman Khan scolding Jasmin Bhasin for fight with Rahul Vaidya: ‘She accepted it, that’s how elegant she is’ – tv


Aly Goni entered as the most recent contestant on Bigg Boss 14 on Wednesday night. In a promo shared by Colors, he said that he could not stay absent from the show after he saw Jasmin Bhasin, whom he considers ‘best friend se bhi keemti (more precious than a best friend)’, in tears.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Aly defined his equation with Jasmin. “It’s more like circle of relatives. Woh ek insaan hota hai aapki life mein jo bohot near hota hai, jiski jagah koi nahi le paata hai (You have that one person in your life who is very near, whose place no one can take). Nobody. I think Jasmin is that person for me. She is without doubt one of the most important parts of my life. One of my best friends and members of the family,” he said.

Jasmin’s emotional breakdown used to be the ‘main reason’ for Aly’s entry in Bigg Boss 14. “Of class lesson, I used to be in talks with Colors and the production house from before, and then this happened. But somewhere, this is the main reason as she is crying a lot and I’m really not liking it,” he said.

Final week, Jasmin used to be caught in a tussle with Rahul Vaidya, after she accused him of trying to intimidate her with his physical strength. She used to be criticised by many of us online, including former Bigg Boss contestants. Even host Salman Khan told her that she used to be improper to give the incident the sort of spin.

Responding to the criticism, Aly said, “See, these people don’t realize Jasmin properly. I realize Jasmin. I know the way she behaves, what she is like. It’s just jo uske andar tha, woh bahar aa gaya. Log chupate hai (whatever feelings were within her came out. People hide them), she is being real. Woh aisi hi hai, woh aise hi baat karti hai, woh aise hi cheekh leti hai jab kuch hota hai. Jab Salman bhai ne usko bola (She is like this, she talks like this and shouts when something happens. When Salman bhai told her) she used to be improper, she accepted it very nicely. That’s how elegant she is. She doesn’t make issues typically.”

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“Jo uss time usko feel hua (Whatever she felt at the time), that used to be her outburst. She isn’t fake. Jo log nahi jaante, jo log sirf ek telecast dekh rahe hai, jinko pata nahi woh hai kya, woh log kitna hi pass judgement on kar sakte hai? Unhone jo dekha hai, uspe pass judgement on kar rahe hai (People who don’t realize her or how she is, who are just watching a telecast, how much can they pass judgement on her? They’re judging her only on what they’ve seen), that’s it,” he added.

When asked whether he felt Jasmin’s outburst used to be justified, Aly reiterated that she used to be just being herself. “Agar usne koi cheez dil mein nahi rakhi aur bol di, bol di. Agar woh galat thi kahin pe, theek hai. Kisi ko agar laga usne zyada kar diya hoga, woh as a normal viewer lagega. But jo usko jaanta hai, usko pata hai ki usne bhadas nikali, usne bol diya jo bolna tha and uske baad woh normal thi. Jo bhi usko hurt karega, woh cheez bahar niklegi (Whether she did not retain anything inside and let it all out, so be it. Whether she used to be improper somewhere, it is okay. Whether someone felt she overdid it, that’s what they should have felt as a viewer. But for individuals who realize her, they realize that she just let it all out and used to be normal after that. Whether someone hurts her, she will let it out).”

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