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PATNA: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar kicked off the meeting election crusade of his Janata Dal (United), or JD (U), on Monday, promising to create access to irrigation for each farm in the state and pledging that prohibition will continue whether his party’s coalition government is voted back to power.

In his first virtual rally ahead of the polls that will take place amid the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic, Kumar acknowledged the give a boost to and welfare measures given by the Bharatiya Janata AParty (BJP)-led government at the Centre and hit out at Lalu Prasad’s Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), which responded in type and questioned his track record.

“We have achieved several milestones in our all-round development journey, in sectors like streets, health, power and piped drinking water for all…Now, we promise to supply irrigation facilities to each parcel of cultivable land and further improve rural street network to make stronger the lives of 76% of the population dependent on agriculture.” said Kumar, who has named his crusade Nishchay Samvad (Resolve Through Dialogue).

In his almost three-hour-long interplay with voters and party workers through social media platforms, Kumar said some people had developed a strong antipathy towards him since he introduced prohibition in Bihar in 2016, yielding to a demand by women and the young.

“I should give an explanation for that there’s a difference between swearing by Bapu’s name and doing something as a mark of tribute to his teachings,” he said, referring to Mahatma Gandhi. “Prohibition is going to stay till I am around, whatever is also the cost,” he said, explaining the recommended effects it had on law and order, circle of relatives life and household incomes.

The JD (U) president, upset by a social media post by Lalu Prasad that termed him (Kumar) a drag on Bihar, asked elderly voters to give an explanation for to the young generation the change between Bihar now and all the way through the 15-year rule of the jailed RJD leader and his wife Rabri Devi.

“People are breathing a sigh of relief that you’re within prison. When you had the possibility to do good, you wasted the possibility,” Kumar said.

Kumar attacked what he called the self-centered politics pursued by Lalu Prasad and cautioned the young not to fall prey to catchy slogans. “Politics without principles, wealth without work and knowledge without character” isn’t worthwhile, he said. “We had asked them (RJD) to give an explanation for the charges of corruption, but they refused,” he said, indicating it was once the point at which the JD (U) walked out of the Grand Alliance with the RJD and Congress in 2018 and joined hands with the BJP.

He also accused the RJD of the use of minorities and underprivileged sections as vote banks, and took credit for establishing communal concord and social amity among all sections of Bihar society.

On Covid-19 and floods, Kumar said that the state had handled the situation with care and had created adequate facilities for testing and put in place a three-stage remedy protocol. He also acknowledged the central government’s give a boost to in fighting the pandemic and setting up two 500-bed hospitals in Bihta and Muzaffarpur, and providing ree rations and cooking gas cylinders.

Leader of the opposition in the Bihar meeting and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav attacked Kumar for what he called his 15 years of misrule.

“Bihar is a state with maximum youth population. Why has the chief minister not been in a position to stop migration, malnutrition and unemployment in the state even after being in power for 15 years in the state? He was once not in a position to set up industries in the state,” Yadav said.

“In the final 15 years, why did unemployment, poverty, starvation and migration increase in Bihar? Why is the unemployment rate, at 46.61% in Bihar, the highest in the country and why has it change into the centre of unemployment?,” he said, asking the chief minister to reply.

Citing Niti Aayog and National Health Mission data, Yadav questioned Kumar: “Why is Bihar getting pushed in the back of yearly?. As per Niti Aayog, the state is ranked lower on education, health and other development indices. Who is responsible for this?”

Yadav questioned the state’s track record on law and order. “An incident of rape takes place each four hours, while a homicide takes place each five hours in Bihar. CM will have to talk approximately this as mannered,” he said.

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