‘Blue Moon’ to seem this Halloween


A blue moon is infrequent but what would you say when it coincides with Halloween? The steadily heard proverbial phrase ‘once in a blue moon’ will find its apt depiction in the night sky on Saturday (October 31).

Today is a treat for the sky grazers, as they are going to witness the Halloween Blue Moon. The Blue Moon coming up is respectively referred to as the Hunter’s Moon. Rising in the early evening, the Hunter’s Moon was once provided its name because it given a lot of moonlight for hunters to collect meat for the long winter ahead.

Right through the Halloween of 2020, the Blue Moon will appear in the sky for the first time after 19 years. The final time this dazzling phenomenon occurred was once in 2001 and according to NASA; it coincides with Halloween each and every 19 years.

Although it is known as a Blue Moon, the moon doesn’t actually look blue. The moon looks blue very rarely “because of particles thrown into the atmosphere by natural catastrophes”, says the NASA.

What’s more interesting is that the 2020 Blue Moon will be visible to all time zones, making it even rarer. As the 2001 Blue Moon was once visible to only central and Pacific Time zones.

2020 has actually been very special for sky-watchers. This year one witnessed 13 full moons including three super moons, four lunar eclipses and even a Blue Moon. The three super moons were seen in March, April and May.

The remaining celestial events of the year will be on November 30 and December 29. In November, we will be able to see the beaver or Frosty Moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse and two days before we jump into 2021 we will be able to watch the Bloodless Moon. A full moon in December is known as the Bloodless Moon as the temperature dip sharply and a Beaver Moon is the first full Moon of November.

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