Burnley’s New US Owners “Fully Prepared” To Back Manager Sean Dyche


Burnley’s new US owners said Thursday they’re “fully prepared” to back manager Sean Dyche after completing their takeover of the Premier League club. US investment group ALK Capital has acquired a controlling 84 percent stake in Burnley after the deal was once approved and ratified by the Premier League. Alan Pace, who succeeds Mike Garlick as chairman, revealed ALK were “very, very big fans” of Dyche and stood able to give the green light to fresh investment in the squad right through the January transfer window.

Dyche, who has been in charge at Turf Moor since 2012, has overseen two promotions to the English top-flight for Burnley, who are in their fifth consecutive season in the Premier League.

“The longevity and the stability of the management side has been something that has been very impactful from our prospective,” said Pace, a former president of Major League Soccer’s Real Salt Lake.

The new chairman, 53, said in an interview with Burnley club media: “We are very prepared to come in and fortify Sean and the management team.”

“We need time to receive in and understand what their needs are, what they’ve been planning for, what the decisions were which they’ve taken so far and where they’re desiring to go to — but we are fully prepared to back the manager.”

Garlick, who had held just under 50 percent of the club’s shares, will remain on ALK Capital’s new board of directors at Burnley.

He said the deal represented a “natural progression” for the club.

Pace, a dual British-American national, is set to take an “active role” in the club, will be moving to the area and aims to support Burnley’s global standing.

“What attracted us specifically to Burnley had a lot to do with the ardour of the fans, the quality of the club and the way that it had been managed, the longevity of the coaching staff and the ability for us to see a path to growth,” he said.

Long-term focus

“For us, we would not do anything that isn’t on a long-term basis — this isn’t a short ‘buy-to-flip’ possibility. This is very much something we have a ardour for ourselves.”

Dyche guided Burnley to 1-0 home win over behind club Sheffield United on Tuesday, which leaves them 16th in the table, five points lucid of the relegation zone.

Commenting on the opportunity of adding to his injury-reduced squad, and speaking before confirmation of ALK’s completed takeover, Dyche had been cautious.

“Whether there are things out there we think we will be able to align, we will be able to. Whether there’s not, we’re going to retain operating with the group we’ve got,” the Burnley manager said


“Whether you have got money to be had to spend you’ll only spend it on the players that are to be had.

“Whether they’re the correct players, you do it. Whether they are not the correct players I’ve never seen the point of it… just stay with what you have got.”

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