Burst Of Colours, Creativity At Guwahati Durga Pandals


Celebrated with much enthusiasm and zeal, Durga Puja is a five-day extravagant affair in Assam. The festival is a minimum of a five-day carnival.

Months before the festival, the puja committees swung into an unannounced competition to put up a good show for the visitors. Diverse, unique, and thought-provoking and with myriad themes, the Durga Puja marquees (pandals) have come alive in Guwahati this year.

Pandal hoppers of Guwahati were enchanted by the breathtakingly beautiful shiuli-themed pandal at Kamakhya Colony area, Pandu. Then again, Pandora of Avatar– themed pandal with famed characters from the movie Jake Sully and Neytiri designed at Bishnupur Bimala Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja Committee drew enormous footfall this year.

This year the matter of cleanliness was once provided the top precedence in the entire puja pandals. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation issued special directions to make sure that the waste generation is limited to a minimum and is managed efficiently. Guidelines were issued to the Durga Puja committees for provision of dustbins and shun the use of plastic at the pandal premises.

Bishnupur Bimala Nagar Sarbajanin Durga Puja. Photo credit: @bishnupurbimalanagardurgapuja

Directions were also provided to reduce using thermocol and other non-biodegradable fabric while constructing the pandals and the idols

Over time, Guwahati has seen a appreciable rise in the number of puja pandals being erected all the way through the festival in more than a few parts of the city. The Assam Police made elaborate security arrangement with extra volunteers to verify peaceable Durga Puja.

Visitors thronged the Maligaon Rest Camp Durga Puja which has been a centre of attraction since long. But even so a magnificent and innovative pandal and pratima (idol), the committee also organizes a reasonable offering a number of mouth-watering dishes, handicrafts, jewellery items, etc.

The puja mandap at Chatribari in Guwahati paid tribute to the country’s space agency ISRO. They’ve created models of Chandrayan-II’s Vikram Lander and the launch pad at Sriharikota. The pandal was once constructed to celebrate 100th birth anniversary of Vikram Sarabhai. While the iconic Bishnupur Sarbajanin Durga Puja committee tried to cause alive the Ram Mandir of Ayodhya with nearly pinpoint accuracy in the constitution.

“We love coming to Bishnupur Sarbanjanin Puja. They never fail to amaze. They’ve great taste and creative ideas to draw people,” said Anita Borah, a visitor while talking to This correspondence.

The Kahilipara Colony Sarbojonin Durga Utsav Committee created a replica of ITC Royal Bengal giving hard competitions to the iconic pujas.

Photo credit: Debajit Baruahh

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