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With CAT (Common Admission Test) 2020 around the corner, its the most important time to concentrate on a feasible exam strategy. It’s not only thorough preparation but also a well-planned strategy that helps to strengthen CAT percentile and crack it. CAT 2020 is scheduled on November 29 with 2.30 lakhs applications. With about 15 days to go for the CAT exam, it will be important that the candidates will have to slender their preparation and not experiment with anything new and revise thoroughly whatever they’ve prepared up to now six months to one year.

While candidates have been preparing from home through online classes and also self-study as a result of pandemic, it is easy for stress to take over and can kill their confidence. The most important object aspirant should take into account is how to apply the concepts in solving questions. The application of concepts and testing ability to perform in the exam can only be achieved with a calm and non-panicked brain. Here are some smart tips for CAT aspirants that will help in their last-minute preparation and all through the exam too.

Prioritise less prepared topics

Make of list of topics. Prioritise them based on preparedness and allot time as maximum to least prepared topic and minimum to most prepared topic.

Deal with a timetable

Have scheduled timetable for your previous few days of study and make a decision on outcome of each and every study session and take a look at to reach it. Having a set routine will make it much easier to tackle the time related stress on the day of exam. It is very important identify obstacles in the path of achieving high percentile.

Use video-based learning

Video-based learning like YouTube has more have an effect on. Videos are a powerful beef up too. It is really helpful for last-minute prep as video-based learning is shorter, crispier and engaging in nature.

Take up Mock Tests

Solve past question papers and mock tests. There are several mock tests to be had online. Try to total 20 mock tests before your actual exam. Time yourself and check your score according to the rules. This will not only help prepare you for the last exam, but will also build your confidence. Additionally it is recommended to practice the CAT preceding year papers that are to be had online. They’ll help gain understanding approximately the kind of questions that appear in the exam.

Retain your health in check

Deal with healthy routines with good sleep and healthy food intake. Do not indulge in eating junk food and endless cups of coffee all through the preparation phase. A healthy body has a healthy and alert mind, leading to better performance. Eat timely, Rest timely and sleep timely.

Steer clear of mind fatigue

It can be crucial to calm down and calm your brain. Do not take stress and get anxious. Meditate to strengthen concentration and calm your brain. Additionally it is critical to find time to unwind and not put your self-care on the back-burner. A sound brain will let you to stay focussed.

Do not panic on exam day

It is vital not to panic on the CAT exam day, under any circumstances. Preparing oneself with all of the essential documents and reaching the centre on time is important. Sticking to your exam strategy will help keep away from unnecessary stress. Taking the CAT exam as any other exam and freeing oneself of any other mental block paves the way for relieving pressure and delivering a better exam.

Start with known questions

On the exam day do not correct absent start answering the questions without going through the question paper. Find out which are the answers you are self-assured approximately and take a look at answering them first. It’ll let you to not get at a loss for words with your answers you already realize. Do not try start solving an unknown section or attempt a new topic.

Do not answer questions whether not self-assured

It is better to leave a question unanswered moderately than giving the flawed answer. Avoiding negative marking is the most important a part of the plan. The sense of judgment is important for obtaining a higher percentile.

Time is precious!

Whether you’re feeling a question is tricky that requires a large number of time, do not waste your time trying to solve it. Move on to the next questions. You’ll attempt to solve it after you are done with rest of the questions. Any mistake in time will take you absent from your goal. Divide your time judiciously.

Double-check the answers, at all times

At all times have some time on your hand at the end to double-check the answers. Go through your answers thoroughly and check whether it has been answered accurately. Check when you have missed any questions.

Wishing good luck to all CAT aspirants

(Creator Sandeep Pachpande is Chairman of ASM Group of Institutes.Views expressed here are personal.)

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