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Members of a Shivamogga based circle of relatives on Saturday celebrated the Dasara doll festival by putting dolls depicting more than a few themes on display at their residence.

Dasara doll festival is an age-old tradition in old Mysuru province including Shivamogga.

Dasara Bombe (Dasara doll) installation, depicting more than a few avatars of Gods and Goddesses is part of auspicious Navaratri festival in Southern Karnataka.

Prakash in conjunction with his circle of relatives in Shivamogga installed many idols with different themes.

Mysuru palace, Jamboo Savari, Village life, early life of Lord Krishna and also replicas of Buddhist temples in China were put on display.

Speaking to ANI, Prakash said, “We have been celebrating this festival for the past two generations. Our aim is to show the victory of good over depraved to the new generation. We have collected many dolls from more than a few parts of India and out of the country. We have arranged them in the descending order of ages. We have put gods on the top and then come to the era of Rishis and Munis.”

The 10th day of Sharad Navratri is celebrated as Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami.

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