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Five samples of Mr Everest snow were investigated for micro-plastics by the University of Plymouth. All five samples of snow contained microplastics. Think of it yourself. Recently, several tons of trash used to be removed from the world’s highest peak. But the microplastics might be more than that : it is conceivable, consider researchers, that the plastics came from gear and outside clothing.

To begin with, this is awful news on its own. People have left no spot secure from plastics-the pollution is universal. Second, it is conceivable, even if not entirely confirmed, that microplastics could accelerate the snow melt. Of class lesson, everyone knows how awful it is when microplastics embed themselves in eco-system, because they emit both toxics and can disrupt the metabolism of even lower order animals.

For India, the lessons are lucid. Despite the fact that data is at all times welcome, we don’t have to wait for it. Tourism-dependant regions will have to address plastic trash. I’ve never been a votary of clean up drives without a back-up plan for long term prevention, but this study pushes me to think that a one-time clean up with adequate disposal might help prevent microplastics. Prevention will have to be in the neighborhood designed for affect. From native cess from tourists for plastic handling, to executing collection systems, to invoking the Extended Producer Responsibility clauses from Indian rules, tourism rich states will have to make time bound plans. India will have to sign up for other tourism dependant nations to ask that branded outside gear be redesigned to prevent fibre shedding. This is where states will have to turn their focus, instead of endless, futile bans on plastic bags.

(The creator is Founder and Director, Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group)

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