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Pumping up our drooping workout energies this Wednesday with her robust fitness video, Housefull 4 star Kriti Sanon brushed aside all mid-week blues. Treating fans on social media with a glimpse of her “quarantine workout”, Kriti gave us the just the correct dose of motivation to hit the grind.

Taking to her Instagram deal with, Kriti shared the video featuring her in the course of an intense workout session. Donning a grey sports bra teamed with a white tank top over it, the Luka Chhupi star paired it with a twosome of blue mini shorts.

Pulling back her hair in a high ponytail coiffure in order that her tresses do not mess with her exercise routine, Kriti was once seen standing on a red Yoga mat as she worked out in her bedroom.

From the usage of her bed to a resistance band, kettlebells and dumbbells, Kriti made use of quite a lot of props and gym equipments to tone her arms and glutes. Juxtaposing all five workout clips into one fitness video, Kriti captioned it, “Don’t need Monday for Motivation #QuarantineWorkout (sic).”


The video grabbed over 2 lakh views instantly while still going strong. The lunges and squats and a few more lonely exercises were to help shape the muscles in glutes and burn off unwanted fat on and around the butt.

For triceps dips, Kriti stood next to her bed and gripped the sides with both hands. Scooting her butt forward until it hovered just off the seat and legs form 90-degree angles, Kriti straightened her arms and lowered her body down until her elbows formed 90-degree angles.

Talking approximately the kettlebells, except for relieving one of muscle stiffness and joint pain, they reveal and fix misalignments, compensations, asymmetries, and weaknesses in the body. The resistance band, then again, lights up the biceps, triceps, shoulders as it targets all of the upper-body muscles and scores a well-balanced burn.

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