Google Maps Expands Regional COVID-19 Details as Cases Increase, Live Crowd Feature Added in Public Transport


Google Maps is now adding new COVID-19 related features to help users make an informed decision before heading out all through the holidays. These features come at a time when cases are on a surge once again, and fears of bigger spread mount all through the winters and the holiday season. Google Maps looks to offer more information from COVID-19 official resources. It’s going to show you information including all-time detected cases in an area, the final average seven-day trend, and the number of deaths there, to come up with a reasonable idea of the situation before you head to that area. Additionally, Google Maps will also offer live crowdedness information on public transport.

Google announced in a blog that it is rolling out two new features that look to give you more information that will inevitably let you all through the COVID-19 crisis. The first one includes the ability to see more COVID-19 information approximately a region – including all-time detected cases, quick links to COVID resources from native authorities, the seven-day trend there (increasing or decreasing), and the number of complete deaths. Google says that this extra information will be “particularly handy if you are heading out of town and wish to rise up to speed approximately the native guidelines, testing sites and restrictions in another city.”

Excluding this, Google Maps will also strive to give you live crowdedness information in public transport to retain you informed. Cautious users who want to retain their distance may wish to keep away from overcrowded buses, and Google Maps will now start showing how crowded your bus, train, or subway line is at the moment based on real-time feedback from Google Maps users around the globe. Both these features are rolling out for Android and iOS.

Excluding these features, users can also see the live status of takeout and delivery orders. This feature will assist you to see expected food arrival, or when to head out to select it up. This feature will also offer information like expected wait times and delivery fees and also will can help you reorder your favourite items from the Google Maps app itself. This feature is rolling out on Android and iOS for users in India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and the United States.

Furthermore, an early preview of Google Assistant driving mannequin in Maps is rolling out to Android users in the United States. This feature essentially looks to minimize the wish to look down at your phone while driving. The new driving-friendly Assistant interface means that you can use voice to send and receive calls and texts, quickly review new messages across your messaging apps in one place and get a read-out of your texts. Assistant will even alert you to an incoming call so you’ll answer or decline with voice commands.

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