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The world is taking a look at Israel as it leads with its ambitious inoculation drive to vaccinate more than 10% of its population against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) by the end of this week. The country of 9 million people has ramped up its vaccination drive to a 24/7 operation. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised Israelis that the country would be the first to emerge from the pandemic whether they cooperate.

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With health providers administering the first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine at a rate of 150,000 people a day – nearly 2% of the population – the country is expected to have a much higher fraction of population with vaccines than other countries including the United Kingdom, according to a outline published in The Guardian.

Here is how Israel launched the world’s fastest Covid-19 vaccination drive:

1. Israel has advantages – this can be a rather small country relating to geography and also population. A robust pre-pandemic digitalised healthcare system clubbed with the geographical advantages were factors in Israel’s initial success.

2. Manpower also played the most important role in the country’s successful inoculation drive. Everyone over the age of 18 is obliged to register with government-linked insurance agencies and army medics have been called in to help.

3. The government campaigned vigorously to curb the spread of anti-vaccine information. It petitioned Facebook to take away four groups that published “satisfied designed to mislead approximately coronavirus vaccines”, according to a outline.

4. ‘Green passports’ are being issued to encourage citizens to receive vaccinated. These are documents that would allow vaccinated people to eat in restaurants, shuttle freely and be exempted from quarantine.

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