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On Halloween, people all over the world celebrate by indulging in all things spooky and scary. It’s the at some point of the year when the rules of normal society are thrown out the window and people are encouraged to give in to their dark side. Halloween, which falls on October 31, is a well-liked Western holiday for people of every age, with little ones going door-to-door trick or treating and collecting sweet from their neighbours, everyone French up in costumes of their favourite characters from popular media or something out of their imagination, carve pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns is a tradition for families and pranking friends with tricks is popular among teens. But this year, it kind of feels that nature has pulled the very best joke on all of humanity collectively. As we hop from one catastrophe to the next, people around the world have been living in fixed terrorism since the beginning of this year. Simple ghosts, ghouls and serial killers just don’t do it for us anymore, because the horrors of reality are a lot more cumbersome than the fear any mythical creature can strike. Here are one of the vital actually horrifying things that hang-out us this year. Proceed with caution!

Coronavirus: The 2020 Plague

Nature brought it’s A game to the Halloween party this year, no question. Only, this time, Nature misinterpret the invite and came 8 months early and determined to stay! The coronavirus pandemic has traumatised all of the globe into a frenzy and there is not any escaping it.

Bubonic plague bird mask

Funky masks that were reserved just for Halloween have transform the new normal and the only silver lining is that whether you go out wearing the ‘Bubonic Plague’ bird mask this Halloween, it is going to be totally justified! The coronavirus pandemic gave a new meaning to the term ‘body count’, and to say that we live in ‘unprecedented’ times is putting it mildly.

Rise of the germs

There is nothing more spooky this season than an unexplainable cough in your vicinity, if it is yours or of someone around you, it is sufficient to evoke terrorism into any heart. No amount of germ-busting gear appears to be enough; people have taken to wearing masks, gloves, face shields and even shoe coverings just to steer clear of the onslaught of germs from public places. Let’s not fail to remember the over the top hand sanitiser showers we’ve all been taking. This is both a germaphobe’s greatest fantasy and most traumatising nightmare!

Invasion of the personal space

Even on a good, Covid-19 free day, people in our country could do with a lesson in respecting personal boundaries and affording each and every other personal space. If you are in line at the grocery store or braving the horrors of the native transport all through this time, chances are high that there will be a dozen people standing a little too near for consolation and persistently so! On a lighter note, no less than now we have the legitimate excuse of not having to constantly hug that one person who just does not let go!

The Domestic Horror Show

Don’t get me fallacious, we all love our circle of relatives, correct. Correct?! But possibly 8 months of fixed forced companionship and subtle passive-aggressive remarks were not what we had in brain. Gone are the early days of the pandemic when all of the circle of relatives gathered around to play Monopoly or the ever-controversial UNO after dinner to pass the time. And UNO announcing that you’ll be able to’t play a draw 2 on another was once the last straw! Familiarity might not breed contempt in this case, but it certainly borders on irritation. How tough is it to select up the wet towel from the floor, brother!

Home Alone

Not having to go to work every day in the morning was once all fun and games until #workfromhome came into play. The boundaries between the work and life have been blurred so far into oblivion that for lots of, shifting their work from the desk to the bed signifies the end of the day! The true horror is going to be the shape of our spines from constantly sitting at the desk, that’s for certain. Not to mention that for a large number of us, the only stable and healthy relationship in our lives is with the FBI agent monitoring us through the webcam!

Covid busters

The coronavirus pandemic brought together with the entire graduates of Whats’ App University and a few of its downright troubling PhD hypotheses. Possibly, in the face of a disease that has the potential for killing millions of people, we will have to listen to the experts, moderately than playing a game of catch with a coronavirus shaped ball till someone leads to the morgue. Fake News might have transform a trend on the net, but user discretion is of the utmost importance. But you never realize, possibly eating the 8th tide pod might just make things correct!

And whether this isn’t enough to come up with goosebumps, you want to at all times rewatch the U.S. Presidential debate. Have a happy and protected Halloween!

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