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Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is an annual celebration of all things spooky and fear inducing that takes place on October 31. Children and adults all over the world take this occasion to totally flip the normal rules of well society and indulge in their more primitive selves. Halloween is one special occasion on which people are encouraged to let their freak flag fly high! If you indulge in the timeless ritual of trick or treating or prefer to relax with your friends drinking pumpkin spiced drinks, this festival has something for all ages.

History and significance

The traditions surrounding this festival have evolved over time and before it came to be referred to as the occasion to dress-up, cosplay as pop-culture references and stuff ourselves with sweet, it used to be celebrated as a solemn occasion, one that used to be observed in honour of those that has passed on to the great beyond, including the saints (hallows), martyrs and the entire faithfully departed.

The origins of All Hallows’ Eve may also be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which used to be a harvest festival. The Celtics were a people that came 2000 years ago, and their celebration of Halloween used to be centred around the end of the harvest season and beginning of the bloodless winter months. Some even consider that this festival might be rooted in paganism.

The Celtics, who hailed from the contemporary day regions of Ireland, United Kingdom and northern France, believed that on the night of Halloween, the boundaries between the living and the deceased were blurred, allowing spirits to cross over freely to the land of the living. The Celtics celebrated the coming of the new year on November 1, and to commemorate the event, the Druids or Celtic priests built large sacred bonfires around which people gathered to burn crops and animals as sacrifices for the Celtic deities.


Through the class lesson of the years, the rituals surrounding the festival have transformed in accordance with the contemporary day and the only ghosts and ghouls roaming the land of the living are the ones who go from door to door asking for sweet. Families all over the world decorate their homes in the most elaborate fashion to scare all passers-by.

Older kids and young adults who are too old for trick or treating amuse themselves with Halloween themed costume parties, where they dress up as their favourite characters from television or popular media. The more elaborate and awe-inspiring the costume, the better!

People partake in the ritual of carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, playing pranks on each and every other, visiting the nearest sight of rumoured hauntings and even the occasion ‘TPing’ of sure houses who rubbish to celebrate alongside them.

Then again, you spend this vastly anticipated holiday, it is certain to receive to you in the temper of the upcoming winter months and the joys of the yuletide that come at the side of it. With the current coronavirus climate, it is crucial to care for all health protocols right through the celebrations so as to ensure your own safety and of those around you. Happy Halloween!

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