Hina Khan on introducing boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal to her parents: ‘I gave them time and now they love him more than me’ – tv



Actor Hina Khan has revealed that coming from an orthodox Kashmiri circle of relatives, “fitting an actor was once never an option.” She revealed that her father “was once furious” and her mom’s relatives “cut ties” with them upon hearing the news of her being chosen for the lead role in a TV serial. Hina shot to fame with the TV show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, on which she played the role of protagonist Akshara.

The actor has shared her journey from moving to Delhi for studies to switching to films after fitting a household name post her television stint, in a Humans of Bombay post. Talking approximately her college days, Hina said, “My parents were even hesitant to send me to Delhi for college but one way or the other, I convinced Papa. So, when a friend suggested auditioning for a serial, I said no. Upon insistence, I gave it a go & the casting directors loved me! Day after today, I used to be selected for the lead role! I moved to Bombay without telling my parents; I used to be 20. The production people helped me find a place. It took me weeks to tell Papa. He was once furious. Mom’s friends & relatives cut ties with us.”

Hina said that she eventually managed to convince her parents approximately her acting career but her father agreed only on the condition that she would first total her studies. She continued, “I’d shoot all night, study in the breaks, then fly to Delhi to give my exams. The circle of relatives stress was once constantly looming–I told Mom to not bother, but it wasn’t easy. We’d argue a lot. But annually, my serial was once the number one show; I fell in love with the camera.”

Hina said that to begin with she had a ‘no shorts, no steamy scenes policy’ but she eventually determined to make her own rules. Talking approximately her parents’ reaction to her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal, Hina said, “Just when my parents had gotten used to me being an actor, I told them I used to be seeing Rocky. It came as a shock; everybody in our circle of relatives has had arranged marriages. But I gave them time & now, they love him more than me!”

In the post, Hina also opened up approximately convincing her parents approximately a kissing scene in one of her films. “I said ‘yes’ only after they understood it was once needed for the role,” she said.

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Hina concluded, “It’s been 11 years since I first faced the camera–the little girl growing up in Srinagar would’ve never imagined walking Cannes. But a series of difficult choices have gotten me here. From Srinagar to Bombay, from being the first actor in my circle of relatives to dating someone out of the community to giving up easy money at my peak, I’ve proudly carved my own way.”

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