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A pro-monarch march was once held in the capital Kathmandu on Saturday where hundreds took to the Roads with national flags to extend their improve to a constitutional monarchy.

Hundreds of monarch supporters took to the Roads in a pre-organised and well-advertised rally on December 5 demanding the reinstatement of constitutional monarchy and declare Nepal a Hindu state.

Participants of Saturday’s massive rally chanted slogans in favour of the Hindu monarchy and demanded the reinstatement of constitutional monarchy in the Himalayan Nation which they claimed was once for the sake of country’s national unity and well-being of the people.

“Today, participants are here without being driven by any impulsive feelings, as the movement led by youths has already set off. We will dream of our beautiful Nepal and this nation would obviously get back its monarch status of a Hindu-state. Until and unless we achieve our aim we would fight for it,” Amir KC, some of the participants in the march who claimed to be leading over 250 youths from Lalitpur to the venue told ANI.

Saturday’s demonstration comes as a series of similar protests were held previously month for a constitutional monarchy.

On November 10, a group with banner “Nationalist Civic Society” staged a demonstration in Jamal of Kathmandu, demanding restoration of constitutional monarchy and announce Nepal a Hindu state.

Two days later, a group named Nepal Scholar Council held a demonstration in Biratnagar with the same demands.

Again on November 19, another group under the banner “Independent Nationalist Citizens Far-West” demonstrated in Dhangadhi followed by a protest in Pokhara on November 25 under the banner “Western Nepali Citizens” and “Nepal Nationalist Group” in Janakpur of Nepal.

The trend of staging demonstrations in other parts of the country also continued to rise as a similar protest was once held in Hetauda on 29 November under the banner “Restoration of Charter Movement” and another protest on 30 November in Kathmandu itself.

Saturday’s demonstration was once held under banner of Rashtriya Nagarik Andolan Samiti 2077 (National Civic Movement Committee 2020). Similar more or less protest was once deliberate by Rastriya Prajatantra Party in Jhapa hometown of incumbent Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli in improve of the monarch and monarchy.

Observers in Kathmandu claim movement to reinstate the monarch has arisen because of failed attempts of current political parties to cater to public interest.

“When democratic forces don’t live up to expectations– both ruling and opposition parties– then it’s inevitable that some alternative force will try to take its place. That is how I see the revival of this protest,” Biswas Baral, current matters commentator in Kathmandu told ANI.

“Many of us are unhappy with the working of the present government. It has been seen as a failure in controlling COVID-19, in controlling corruption and in executing federalism. So, there is general disillusionment amongst people so this (protest) could be an expression of that,” Baral said.

Protestors on Saturday displayed placards bearing a photo of Prithivi Narayan Shah, the founding father of contemporary Nepal along side national flags while they chanted slogans against the Federal Democratic Republican System that Nepal adopted in 2008 after the abolition of 240-year-old monarchy.

Nepal has transitioned into a federal democratic republic after the promulgation of a new charter in 2015. First General Election of 2017 held after promulgation constitution gave a lucid mandate to an alliance of the then CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) incumbent NCP which is now in power.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli who since then has clung onto power with responsibilities to execute the charter, fortify federalism and good governance is now seen to be failing.


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