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The natural gas polite operated by Oil India Limited (OIL) in Assam’s Tinsukia district that witnessed a blowout on Wednesday continued to spill out gas and condensate matter for the fourth day on Saturday as authorities continued efforts to cause it under keep an eye on.

Over 700 people residing inside 1.5 km radius of the polite located in Baghjan area have been shifted to three camps amid concerns that the continual spilling of gas and condensate matter containing oil could impact residents in addition to the area located close the Dibru Saikhowa National Park.

A blowout is uncontrolled release of crude oil or gas from a polite when the pressure keep an eye on systems fail. Condensate is a low density high gravity hydrocarbon phase that is usually found together with natural gas.

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“My house is located around 1.5 km from the polite. Condensate from the blowout which is carried by air is falling on trees and homes of people in the area including my house. Moreover, the sound produced by the blowout, which is sort of a enormous storm, could also be affecting residents,” Madhab Moran, a resident of Baghjan said.

According to a commentary by OIL on May 27, the blowout happened at the Baghjan 5 polite at 10:30 am while work was once underway to produce gas from a new oil and gas bearing reservoir at a depth of 3729 metres. OIL officials say that it could take more than two days to begin work on controlling the polite.

There’s fear among residents and surroundings enthusiasts that the blowout whether not controlled soon could have lasting effect on the area and its residents. The carcass of a Gangetic dolphin, an endangered species, was once found in Maguri wetland near to the OIL polite.

“The dolphin didn’t have any injury marks and its skin had peeled off. People have noticed oil in Maguri wetlands, which could have spilled from the OIL polite. On account of the blowout there’s a layer of oil like substance dripping from trees and roofs of houses in the area,” said Binanda Hatibarua, a bird fanatic who stays near to the polite and visited the site.

OIL officials said though the process to contain the blowout is underway several measures should be put in place before the actual operation may also be started. They include ensuring adequate provide of water, proper lighting and transportation of heavy equipment to the site.

“A large number of preliminary work must be done to go into the polite site. We are doing that and it would take no less than another two days to succeed in the polite and take a look at and contain it,” said OIL spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika.

On Friday, Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal called union petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan and urged him to take instant remedial measures to cause the situation under keep an eye on.

OIL had issued a commentary on Friday that food and logistic strengthen is being given to the residents who have been shifted to camps and that continual monitoring is underway to reduce any environmental affect.

Earlier, on May 11, the union forest, surroundings and climate change ministry had provided environmental clearance for extension drilling and testing of hydrocarbons at seven locations by OIL under the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park area in Tinsukia district of Assam.

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