iOS 15 Announced With New FaceTime, iMessage, Sharing, Focus, and Privacy Features


Apple has officially unveiled iOS 15, and like many recent rumours and leaks suggested, several far-reaching improvements have come to iMessage and FaceTime. There’s also new system-wide emphasis on sharing and communication, in addition to even more privacy-related features, and new ways to leverage on-device intelligence. iOS 15 will roll out to iPhone 6s and later devices in fall this year. Developer previews begin immediately, and a public beta will arrive next month. One feature that wasn’t mentioned in the WWDC 2021 opening keynote presentation, but appeared in a background slide, was once Hindi language toughen for the iOS Quickpath swipe keyboard.

New FaceTime features in iOS 15

Starting with FaceTime, global lockdowns and quarantine measures over the last year have thrown light on challenges people face while keeping in touch. Apple says it has made this easier and more spontaneous.To make FaceTime calls feel more comfortable and natural, users can now leverage spatial audio. This is said to make people sound like they are sitting in the same room and speaking head to head. Voices will be spread out in group chats to sound as though they are coming from speakers’ positions on screen.

Voice isolation uses on-device machine learning to block out ambient noise and prioritise voices. However, whether you need each and every bit of sound to come through, you’ll be able to switch to a Wide Spectrum mode. In group FaceTime calls, users will have the ability to see each and every face in a grid view. Same-sized tiles will make it easy to identify who’s speaking while seeing everyone else’s reactions. Portrait mode blurs your background and puts the point of interest on you.

FaceTime users can now generate links to invite others. These links will also be shared anywhere and even used by Android and PC users in a browser, with end-to-end encryption for privacy. You’ll plan ahead for calls, and send invitation links in messages or emails, or even create a shared calendar event. Screen sharing will let participants share information in any app for group research or even showing off your gaming skills.

A new experience sharing feature called SharePlay will let you synchronise watching videos or listening to music with everyone in  a FaceTime call. Users can just press play in Apple Music, Apple TV, or any third party app that implements this feature. media will immediately be shared, and participants can all keep an eye on playback or queue up a shared playlist. With picture-in-picture functionality, you’ll be able to see friends’ reactions and even carry out text conversations as media plays. Media can even be played on an Apple TV while you continue your FaceTime chats on your iPhone. Third-party apps that are already working to execute SharePlay include Disney+, Hulu, HBOMax, TikTok, Masterclass, NBA, and Paramount+.

You’ll recover links and media shared with you whether you did not have time to check it out then


New iMessage Features in iOS 15

iMessage in iOS 15 will let users quickly find articles, photos, and more that are shared in chats and group chats. There are new collage and stack designs for photos, letting users swipe through them, tap to see full screen, and react. Shared With You sections will appear in Apple News, Apple Music, Photos, Safari, Podcasts, and other apps to conveniently surface links or media sent by friends.

You’ll tap their name at the top of the screen to select up the conversation while checking that media later. Apple Music will will let you save a shared playlist, while Photos will show shared media in the featured photos section and memories. Shared photos will also be automatically brought over to the library, while filtering for screenshots and memes that you do not want to save. Shared media will also be pinned for easier retrieval, and also will surface in systemwide search.

New notifications and Focus features in iOS 15

Notifications get a fresh new look with contact photos for people and larger icons for apps to cause them to easier to identify. A new Notification Abstract will also be customised and scheduled to seem at any time you select, letting you care for unimportant notifications multi function go. Users may not overlook messages from people as this is intended for apps that send periodic updates.

The systemwide DND mode can now be used to show an absent status in the Messages app. Users sending an iMessage will see that you will not immediately be notified, but will have the ability to override to receive through whether they want to urgently.

You’ll also define periods in the day when you need to be completely focused on work, and enable one of several Focus modes. This can be a new way to match your device to your current mindset  iOS 15 can use on-device intelligence to analyse past activity and propose which notifications you wish to have to pay attention to. Every Focus mode will also be associated with a committed home screen page that shows only applicable widgets and app icons to minimize distraction. Context like location and time of day can be utilized to propose when to trigger a Focus mode, such as one for work, and custom ones will also be defined. When set on one Apple device, it is going to apply to all others you need as polite.

iOS 15 can recognise text in photos and will let you search for it or extract it


New Photos features in iOS 15

On-device intelligence will allow for Live Text to be detected and extracted from photos. You’ll capture information on a whiteboard, or even handwritten paper money. Useful information such as names and phone numbers on shop signs, or directions in recipes can just be selected and copied to another app, or sent to search or translate. Photos already in your library may also be scanned automatically. Live Text will understands seven languages including Chinese when it rolls out with iOS 15. On-device intelligence can also recognise objects and scenes such as the breed of a dog, kind of flower, renowned artistic endeavors, books, pets, landmarks.

Photo Memories can curate captured moments into heartfelt movies. Users will have the ability to set their memories to their own music from Apple Music. Applicable personalised songs are suggested and users can make a selection their own as polite. Memories videos are created on the fly, and are interactive in addition to editable. Transitions, filters, and pacing will be coordinated with the temper of the selected background track, and you’ll be able to retain trying different variations. Consistent colour and contrast corrections will be applied to photos in a Reminiscence video, to cause them to appear to be a professional colourist has worked on them.

New Search features in iOS 15

Photos in addition to text in photos are now searchable through Highlight in iOS 15. Photos will also be referenced by people, scenes, location, or elements. You’ll use it to find a photo of a particular receipt, handwritten note, recipe, or screenshot. There are also new rich results for contacts in search, showing call, text, FaceTime, and email shortcuts, their location whether shared through Find My, tagged calendar events, paper money, and files. There are also new rich results for actors, musicians, tv shows, and movies.

The Weather app in iOS 15 gets richly detailed backgrounds and information views


New Wallet, Maps, and Weather features in iOS 15

Apple Wallet will toughen Ultra Wideband position-aware location to let users unlock and drive their car without taking their iPhone out of a bag or pocket. You’ll be able to also soon have the ability to unlock your house, and tap to go into hotels or offices, with a range of partners for locks and access systems already on board. Later this year, over 1,000 Hyatt hotels worldwide will toughen zero-contact access, which will also be activated before you even arrive. Also later this year in the USA, Apple Wallet will have the ability to store government IDs and drivers’ licenses in participating states. The United States TSA could also be working to enable airport security checkpoints with digital ID. Users will see the particular information requested, and should tap to present this to the authority.

Apple Maps is getting an interactive globe that invites users to tap and explore. A couple of major global cities including London, Los Angeles, and New York City are getting a lot more detailed maps for commercial districts, marinas, and important buildings. There’s now added elevation representation, Road colours ,and hundreds of custom-designed landmarks. A new middle of the night mode will show areas with a moonlit glow. More granular Road details will help drivers better see and understand turn lanes, medians, crosswalks, etc. Maps will also render complex interchanges and intersections in 3D. Transit instructions will help people find nearby stations and inform users when it is time to step off a train or bus. Maps can even will let you with AR positioning and instructions.

The Weather app is getting an update with new data and layouts that change based on conditions such as rain, or air quality, with thousands of variations in the graphics. New graphics will help users understand wind, UV, and barometric pressure data. Full-screen high-res weather maps will show temperatures, precipitation, and air quality.

New iPadOS 15 features

In additon, iPadOS 15 gets a couple of other improvements that make the most of its big screen. Widgets can now be placed among app icons on all home screens. There are new widgets for Find My and Contacts, plus a larger format for Game Centre, Apple TV, Photos, Files, and others. App Library comes to the iPad with a quick access button in the dock, and you’ll be able to reorder or hide home screens you are not looking for.

Multitasking will be easier to discover and use. A new keep an eye on appears at top of apps to easily trigger a split screen or slide-over view. Windows will also be minimised to a new area called the Shelf making it easy to see and manage a couple of open windows for an app. Appears when switching apps. Many open, even in split view with other apps. The app switcher can now be used to create split views by dragging one app over another.

Paper money in iPadOS 15 will let users tag other people with @ mentions and see what’s changed in shared paper money with a new activity view. Hashtags can be utilized anywhere, and referenced to help quickly find paper money. Systemwide Quick Paper money will also be created by swiping in from a corner of the iPad screen, and can capture information from an app that’s in use such as a Safari URL. Quick Paper money will be saved tro the Paper money app and will also be created on iPads or Macs, but can also seen on iPhones.

iPadOS 15 now also gets a Translate app that lets people practise handwriting with Apple Pencil and work in Split View. Auto translate detects if you find yourself speaking and in which language. Systemwide translation can work on text from anywhere, even in photos. You’ll download languages to use all features on-device.

Swift Playgrounds will now let users if truth be told build iOS apps correct on an iPad. You’ll run them fullscreen to take a look at them out, and submit them directly to the App Store.

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