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Heading into the weekend with her exercise routine intact, there appears to be no room for workout procrastinations for Bollywood diva Jacqueline Fernandez. Giving fans a glimpse of her intense workout in effortless style, the Drive actor shared a picture of herself nailing the triangle pose of Yoga or Trikonasana.

Taking to her Instagram take care of, Jacky shared a picture featuring her in white and pink spaghetti tops teamed with pink Yoga pants. Pulling back her hair in a no-nonsense ponytail, the diva opted for a no-makeup look as she flaunted her bendy moves.

Standing with her feet one leg-length apart and knees unbent, Jacqueline turned the correct foot totally to the out of doors and the left foot within while keeping the heels in line with the hips. Extending her torso so far as comfortable to the correct, Jacqueline touched the floor by dropping her correct hand to the front of the correct foot while extending her left arm is vertically.

Keeping the backbone parallel to the floor, she turned her head to gaze at the left thumb. Though a somewhat complex Yoga asana, Jacqueline looked a natural at it.


Since Trikonasana involves the whole body, its benefits are huge including treating the neck sprain, stimulating and transporting the blood glide all the way through the veins and body hence, reducing any risks of a block or stroke, stimulating the digestive system, bettering the flexibility of the backbone and correcting the alignment of shoulders. It also relieves gastritis, indigestion, acidity and flatulence while strengthening the ankles and the palms, reducing the piled up stress and anxiety and even reduces discomfort right through menstruation.

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