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President-elect Joe Biden urged Congress on Tuesday to pass a “robust package” to maintain the economic crisis wrought by the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden spoke in Delaware to announce his proposed economic team for his incoming administration. His remarks came as a bipartisan group of lawmakers in the House and Senate unveiled a $908 billion stimulus proposal Tuesday to be able to break a months-long deadlock that’s now threatening to gratuity the economy back into contraction.

“Presently the full Congress will have to come together and pass a robust package for relief,” Biden said. “Any package passed in a lame duck session is fortunate to be at best, just a start.”

Biden said his transition team is working on his own proposed legislation for the incoming Congress to address both the economic recovery and the coronavirus pandemic.

“We want to make stronger small businesses and entrepreneurs who form the spine of the communities that we are living in that are teetering on the edge,” Biden said.


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