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US President-elect Joe Biden has said that in the first 100 days of his administration, he would mandate everyone to wear a mask, ensure 100 million Covid-19 vaccinations and reopen the majority of schools as he assured Americans that his “crisis-tested” team of experts will deliver better healthcare and revive the economy.

The United States is in the course of a lethal pandemic that has infected nearly 15 million Americans and killed 286,000. Globally, there are 68.2 million Covid-19 cases and the pandemic has claimed more than 1.5 million lives.

Announcing his national health team, Biden asked the Trump administration to act now to purchase the doses it has negotiated with Pfizer and Moderna and to work all of a sudden to scale manufacturing for the United States population and the world.

“This will also be constant. Whether it does, my team will be capable to get no less than 100 million vaccinations done in my first 100 days. Third, it will have to be a national precedence to receive our kids back into school and retain them in school,” he said on Tuesday.

“Whether Congress provides the underwriting we need to offer protection to students, educators, and staff, and whether states and cities put strong public health measures in place that we all follow, then my team will work to see that almost all of our schools will also be opened by the end of my first 100 days. That’s correct, we can look to have many of the schools open in 100 days whether Congress provides the underwriting we need,” he added.

He said masking, vaccinations and reopening school were three key goals for his first 100 days.

“But we can still have much to do in the year ahead. And sadly, much difficulty, too. We can be far, far from done. Yet, it is imaginable that after 100 days, we can be much further along in the fight against the pandemic,” Biden said.

Biden named Xavier Becerra as Secretary of Health and Human Products and services, Indian-American Dr Vivek Murthy as his Surgeon General. He named Dr Anthony Fauci as Chief Medical Adviser to the President on Covid-19, while Dr Rochelle Walensky has been named as Director of the Centers for Disease Keep watch over and Prevention; and Dr Marcella Nunez-Smith as Covid-19 Fairness Task Force Chair.

“It’s a team of world-class experts at the top of their fields. Crisis-tested. Defined by a deep sense of duty, honour, and patriotism. They’re in a position on Day One to spare no effort and get the pandemic under keep watch over, so we will be able to get back to work, back to our lives, and back to our loved ones,” he said.

“They’re going to lead the COVID-19 response across our government to accelerate testing, fix our provide chain, and hand out the vaccine. They’re going to work with my economic team — because controlling the pandemic, delivering better health care, and reviving the economy go hand in hand. They’re going to work with my foreign policy and national security team — because we will be able to only whip this virus whether we whip it far and wide,” Biden said.

Biden announced that in consultation with Dr Fauci, his team has developed the first three objectives and new initiatives that he’s asking them to total all through his first 100 days in office.

“My first 100 days won’t end COVID-19. I can’t promise that. We did not get into this mess quickly, and it’s going to take time to fix. But I am convinced that in 100 days we will be able to change the class lesson of the disease and change life in The united states for the better,” he said.

“First, my-100 day masking plan. It starts with my signing an order on Day One to require masks where I will — like federal buildings and interstate go back and forth on planes, trains, and buses,” he said.

“Second, this team will help get no less than 100 million COVID-19 vaccine shots into the arms of Americans in 100 days. We can follow the guidance of scientists and get vaccines to those most at-risk. That includes health care personnel and people in long-term care; and, as soon as imaginable, that will include educators,” he said.

Biden said it is going to be the most productive mass vaccination plan in US history.

“I credit everyone who has gotten us to this point, but developing the vaccine is one herculean task. Distributing it is another. And vaccines in a vial only work whether they’re injected into the arms of people, particularly those most at risk,” said the president-elect.

“We’re going to require masks wherever imaginable, but this goes beyond government action. And so, as a new President, I’m going to speak directly to the American people. We need your help. Wear a mask for 100 days,” Biden said.


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