Journalling helps you relax and feel good. Here’s how to write your anxiety absent – sex and relationships


Are you feeling anxious approximately something in your present or a close future event? Writing your feeling down have been proven that will help you cope with your feelings better.

According to new research, whether the anxiety of performing an upcoming task is giving you stress, simply writing approximately your feelings may permit you to perform the task more efficiently.

In case you are getting bloodless feet because of anything and that’s also a reason for stress in your life, writing approximately these feelings may permit you to overcome the jitters so you’ll be able to perform the task more efficiently, suggests a research published online in the publication Psychophysiology.

Writing out your thoughts and feelings might prove to be a cathartic exercise as, like reading, it makes you channel your emotions which in turn ends up in a positive have an effect on to one’s mental health, and helps to keep stress at bay.

“Over the top worrying can hurt your well-being and lead to a state of chronic anxiety or stress. It can also stress your relationships, harm your self-confidence, and hurt your career,” says an editorial on Psychology Today dated September 7, 2020.

Expressive writing, or putting down your thoughts to a paper or for the digital-savvy, keyboard, has been found to toughen your temper, overall well-being, and retain stress levels low for individuals who write frequently.

According to a study titled, Journaling for Mental Health by the University of Rochester, “If you have a problem and you’re stressed, keeping a publication help you identify what’s causing that stress or anxiety. Once you’ve identified your stressors, you’ll be able to work on a plan to unravel the problems and minimize your stress.”

As per an editorial in the New York Times, What’s All This Approximately Journaling, “… students were randomly assigned to write approximately either traumatic experiences or superficial topics for four days in a row. Six weeks after the writing sessions, those that had delved into traumatic experiences reported more positive moods and fewer illnesses than those writing approximately on a regular basis experiences.”

On the other hand, writing or journalling may only be part of an overall endeavour towards leading a healthy way of life. Probably the most other steps to follow with a view to minimize stress and retain your brain at peace are:

– Meditate each day at the start of your day, or whether you prefer, then as a night-time ritual

– Eat a healthy diet without overloading on sugar-rich foods

– Exercise frequently. Fitness levels release the happy hormones in the body, helping you stay upbeat through good emotional, mental and physical health

– Don’t cheat on your snoozes because lesser sleep is a cause of several deep-rooted way of life disorders and prolonged lack of sleep may also be fatal whether preventive measures aren’t applied.

– Steer clear of alcohol consumption

– Read before bedtime

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