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There is not any doubt that Kartik Aaryan is one the most handsome men in the movie industry. His blameless eyes and charming smile make certain that he looks as just as smooth as the ‘Cadbury’ chocolates he promotes. Certainly, a smart move on Cadbury’s part for hiring Bollywood’s chocolate boy for their promotions. Directly in contrast to this, on the other hand, is his chiselled body and razor-sharp jawline. This perfect combination of strong and candy has his fans totally enthralled by him, and his comments section on any social media platform will attest to that.

It is going to come as no surprise to people that the Pyaar Ka Punchnama star puts a large number of effort into having a look the way he does. Not just in the case of his French style, but with the amount of effort he puts into the gym, doing cardio and lifting weights. His social media profiles are full of his post-workout pictures, which makes it tough not to be a fan of lean body and taut muscles. On Tuesday, he shared another picture on his Instagram captioning it, “Nighttime workout. Was once engaged doing nothing in the day.”

Kartik Aaryan shared in an interview that one diet rule that he follows each day is to consume a glass of lukewarm lemon water on an empty belly. This concoction helps cut down on fat accumulation and helps the metabolism. Kartik likes to retain his day by day diet so simple as conceivable but does not shy absent from indulging every now and then. He also believes that hydration is the key to staying fit. As a vegetarian, he specializes in protein rich foods to supplement his diet and he allots time to small meals each two hours (as is advisable by his trainer) and fairly than going for steady tea or coffee with milk and sugar, Kartik prefers some great benefits of green tea.

Kartik and his personal trainer like to switch things up at all times, so to not let the body sink into monotony. In another interview Kartik said that it took him nearly 6 months to receive six-packs. “I do 200 push-ups day by day and 500 counts of skipping. I do go for mountain-climbing as an exercise. I enjoy doing leg crunches, leg raises, cycling, crunches on the ball and crunches with weights. It helps in toning up the abs. This sculpted body has come after a large number of tough work.” 

As a sporty person, Kartik has never had much trouble keeping his fitness up. He played football and table tennis throughout his boarding school days and carries on that tradition by playing with his Bollywood colleagues such as Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Dino Morea and Arjun Kapoor. “Football is fun. It’s like cardio. I imagine fitness is a lifestyle. Even when I’m outdoors, I make it a point to exercise,” he used to be quoted saying in an interview.

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