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The controversial nomination of a Khalistan supporter to the House of Lords has been delayed and its announcement is expected in January, crusade group Sikh Federation UK said on Wednesday, following reports that Labour Party has dropped his nomination.

Dabinderjit Singh Sidhu, principal adviser to the group, was once to be one of the most new political peers, but his name was once lacking when the list was once released by Downing Road on Monday.

His potential appointment raised hackles in sections of the Indian community in the United Kingdom and New Delhi.

The group said in a commentary, “Our understanding is (Labour leader) Keir Starmer really helpful Dabinderjit to fill one of the most nominations provided to the Labour Party by the prime minister.

“The House of Lords appointments commission carried out all of the essential checks and concluded weeks ago Dabinderjit was once of good standing locally and had no concerns on his past conduct that would call into question his appointment to the House of Lords as a Labour peer.”

“Dabinderjit’s name then went to the prime minister and Buckingham Palace for formal sign-off. Formal sign-off had been obtained and the only matter outstanding was once a public announcement,” it added.

The commentary famous that minutes before the list was once released on Monday, Labour determined to delay Singh Sidhu’s announcement.

“Much has been made in the Indian media of Dabinderjit’s beef up for the re-establishment of an independent Sikh state. This will have to not be a matter of concern for Labour as there are lots of MPs and Lords who have strong personal views when it comes to Kashmir, Palestine and the establishment of other independent states,” the commentary added.

According to the group, Singh Sidhu was once never a member of the International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF), which is banned in India.

The United Kingdom had banned it in 2001, but the ban was once lifted in 2016.

The commentary added that he has not held any official position in the Sikh Federation UK that was once set up in September 2003, but has been one of its volunteer advisers.


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