LIVE: ‘Why are you hiding data on Covid deaths,’ Raut asks govt in RS


Parliament’s Monsoon Session got off to a stormy start Monday as the Opposition, protesting over several issues including farm laws and fuel price hike, prevented Prime Minister Narendra Modi from introducing his newly inducted Union ministers, a customary practice. The ruckus ensured that the Lok Sabha needed to be adjourned a couple of times before ending the day without transacting any major trade. Today, both the Houses of the Parliament will meet again for Day 2 of the Monsoon session at 11.

The Centre will brief opposition parties on the Covid-19 situation in the country and strategies being implemented to maintain it today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also participate and would notify the leaders approximately the policies of the government.

On the global front, Jeff Bezos is all set to fly to the edge of space, beyond the Karman line, today, along side three others, aboard his company Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. The Karman line, 100 km above the ground, is the internationally recognised boundary of space. The company will launch its first astronaut flight, NS-16, from Launch Site One in West Texas.

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