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How many times do we feel that we don’t have enough hours to workout on account of our hectic schedules? Our professional work and day-to-day chores take up most of our day and exercise in most cases takes a back seat. Alternatively, to help fans with this situation each week, Malaika Arora shares a Yoga asana with her followers and urges them to exercise.

The asana that the Chaiyya Chaiyya girl recently taught her fans how to do Matsyasana aka the Fish Pose of Yoga. This is a special asana because it works on nearly each a part of the body. Matyasana stretches the abs, chest and hips among other body parts which were jammed from endless hours of sitting stiff before computer or laptop screens.

The Bollywood diva even shared some great benefits of the asana and the steps to do it on her Instagram account. “Let’s add some backbending to our Yoga practice this week. From a Chakra Perspective, the pose for this #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek has numerous potential. Curious? The pose is Matsyasana (Fish Pose)(sic),” her caption read.


While talking approximately some great benefits of the Yoga pose, Malaika said, “It has more than one benefits. From stretching the chest, abs, hip flexors and neck to stimulating two important areas of the body. First is the throat chakra which relates to communication and self-expression and second is the crown chakra, on the top of your head, which is tied to wisdom & knowledge (sic).”

Steps to perform the fish pose variation:

Lie down on your back with legs straight on the floor and hands beside the thighs. Retain your palms close the shoulders and your fingers pointing towards them. Inhale, press your palms on the floor, lift your shoulders and head up and drop the top of the head on the floor.

Arch your back while keeping your hands up in namaskar mudra. Lift either one of your legs at 45 degrees angle. Hold the posture for 10 seconds and release. Steer clear of this pose you probably have a neck or back injury or even though you have a headache.

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