Masaba Gupta tries aerial Yoga for the first time to cure back injury and not be ‘nazuk’, here are its benefits – fitness


As the Covid-19 lockdowns slowed our rat race down, many were seen after all prioritising their health and Masaba Gupta was once no different. If you’re taking a look out for some workout motivation to make you hit the grind in the New Year 2021, the ‘Queen of Prints’ has loads to share as she recently added Inverted Natarajasan aka Dancers Pose of aerial Yoga to her fitness regime.

Masaba suffered a back injury in October this year but made up our minds to check out her hands at aerial Yoga for the first time in an effort to not come across as “nazuk”. She shared in the caption, “My first ever Aerial Yoga class with @anshukayoga & it made me so happy. Did a far from perfect Inverted Natarajasan aka Dancers Pose ) ! (sic).”

The diva added, “I’ve discovered,discarded & re-jigged such a lot of my fitness regime this lockdown but Yoga all the time finds its way back into my life and I swear by it. Particularly after my back injury in October – the hot button is to just retain moving! And to not be ‘Nazuk’! (sic).”

Revealing approximately the one discovery that she made approximately her body and brain this year, Masaba shared, “This year – I started to think about my body as a tank that can ride through anything and expectantly the brain will follow (sic).”



Aerial Yoga is the anti-gravity exercise that combines the traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance with the usage of a hammock. It involves acrobatic work at more than a few heights and offers more than just peace and relaxation. This cardio training and strength training encourages blood to go with the flow to the entire muscles in the body.

This workout helps burn calories right through the process of balancing or staying in keep an eye on of the silks. It is particularly great for people experiencing back pain as it helps alleviate the symptoms of back pain while strengthening the surround muscles and joints in the back, hips, neck and shoulders. It also enhances flexibility and helps with breathing.

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