Milind Soman’s perfect headstand and tips to ‘find balance’ are all of the positivity we need this Monday – fitness


At 54 years of age, Bollywood hottie Milind Soman is giving all of the other models available in the market a run for their money and this Monday he literally made our jaws drop in awe as he attempted a headstand. Asserting the value of “finding balance”, Milind proved, “It’s not just your genes but what you do with them that’s important.”

Taking to his Instagram deal with, Milind shared a video featuring him in the backdrop of a windy weather and in the lap of nature. Donning his signature black Pinkathon tee, paired with shorts, Milind can also be seen sporting a salt and pepper look.

The Made in India-fame star shared in the caption, “ Make stronger what you have or destroy it, its in your hands.. with regards to fitness, I have heard numerous people complain approximately their genes not being good enough, but don’t take some time to receive the most productive out of whatever they have got and I realised that even to make this an excuse is most incessantly genetic (sic).”

Kneeling on the Yoga mat spread on the wooden floor of an open setting, Milind’s body soon stood totally inverted and held upright supported on the crown of his head. This Yoga Headstand is also referred to as Salamba Shirshasana or just Shirshasana.

Milind added, “Now that my body and brain have achieved a basic understanding of balance, I focus more on the time I am off balance, to gain balance in each moment and each movement (sic).” In another picture he was once seen sitting deep in meditation with his eyes closed. 

The Yoga headstand is good for stimulating and providing refreshed blood to quite a lot of endocrine glands for making improvements to the body’s overall functionality. It also strengthens one’s core in conjunction with increasing upper body strength and stamina.

It’s not advised all the way through menstruation or in cases of hypertension, hiatal hernia, heart palpitations or glaucoma. Though nicknamed “king” of all of the asanas, Yoga headstand is most incessantly reported as the reason for an injury hence, must be practiced after gaining much balance.

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