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A proud moment for India, a country that has the largest number of heritage sites on the planet has been marked over final week. A team of members from the data preservation facility – Arctic World Archive has initiated the deposit of India’s ancient historical site –Ajanta Caves –which will be digitised and restored for eternity.

Ajanta Caves is a pride of India, it is a kind of few heritage sites that open an entire gateway to culture. The historic event of preserving the deposits used to be carried out at Svalbard, a remote island in Norway.

Talking approximately the UNESCO world heritage site, all through the iconic event, Rune Bjerkestrand, Founder and managing director of AWA said in a video, “Ajanta Caves is a UNESCO world heritage site, in 1930, Laurence Binyon, the director of the British Museum and a leading authority of Asian Art, said that each and every study of all cultures in Asia results in Ajanta Caves as a gateway of culture.”

“Experts across the globe imagine that the paintings of Ajanta have a powerful affect on human consciousness whether seen through the correct eyes in its original glory. This deposit marks the beginning of a series of deposits of digitised and restored paintings of Ajanta Caves. One of the most greatest arts of Ajanta, photographed by Benoy Behl, is in this token deposit, together with papers and quotes on Ajanta Caves and a few more restored work.”

Bjerkestrand also thanked and committed the deposit to Leela Keshavji, Head of the Heritage Restoration of Sapio Analytics who gave up the ghost premature a couple of days ago, while establishing her legacy in form of this deposit.

In an effort to toughen the initiative, AWA received messages from the greatest industrialists, bureaucrats and political leaders of India. Talking approximately the overwhelming toughen received, the Managing Director of AWA read a message from the former Cabinet Minister of India, India’s current Sherpa to the G20 countries, member of Parliament, Suresh Prabhu.

“The ancient art is now getting preserved for all generations to come, for their inspiration, peep into history and pleasure. Ajanta is an example of how rich we as past humans were and how we could build on in that future when humans will change into machines, thanks to robotization. Art and culture which kept our inner faculties ti develop will be on the wane, but no one can develop technology unless human facilities work to optimum, getting creativity to fore. This art will help us all as true fully grown human, Congrats to Sapio, Piql and all to make it happen!” read the message by Prabhu.

(This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text.)

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