Nalbari woman dies under mysterious condition in Kerela; Circle of relatives alleges


Guwahati: A woman from Nalbari district of Assam, who used to be working in conjunction with her husband in a fish company in Kerala’s Alappuzha district for the past three years died under mysterious circumstances final Saturday.

Basically a local of Nayanpur under Mukalmua Police Station in Nalbari, the dead used to be married to a young man named Iqbal Ali from the same village. They later shifted to Kerela two years back.

In the intervening time, the dead woman’ss husband Iqbal Ali informed her parents over the phone that she had dedicated suicide.

Alternatively, the father of the dead woman suspected it to a premeditated homicide incident.

On Thursday, after the body of the woman used to be brought back home from Kerala by her husband, the members of the family of the woman raised serious allegations against the in-laws.

 “I have filed a complaint against our son-in-law, and it’s a homicide conspiracy by her in-laws. There used to be no signal of injuries on her neck; on the other hand, they claimed my daughter dedicated suicide hanging herself which I doubt. In addition, we have been told by few other persons from our village those who were there in Kerala. They informed us that there used to be no police team or medical team at the spot after the incident, which has compelled us to suspect against our son-in-law,” said the father of the dead woman.

The heartbroken father further alleged that ever since their marriage, her in-laws have been harassing her for quite a lot of reasons, including dowry.

However, with a view to care for the law and order situation in the area, security forces were beefed up since the morning hours.

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