National Nutrition Week: Manushi Chhillar starts social media crusade to bring awareness approximately nutrition – fitness


National Nutrition Week that kicked off on September 1, is a week-long initiative to bring awareness approximately the importance of nutritious food, good diet and more.

Former Overlook World and actor Manushi Chhillar took to Instagram to begin a social media crusade aimed at raising awareness approximately eating correct and also shared her journey with health and nutrition.

In a video, the Overlook World 2017 is seen talking approximately how she started consuming healthy food to stay fit while she was once preparing for the ‘Overlook India’ beauty pageant while studying in college and only had the option of her hostel’s mess food.

“I have been told repeatedly that we are what we eat and we must be very cognisant approximately what we intake. Proper nutrition has manifold health benefits and through my social media, I intend to tell as many of us as imaginable, approximately the positives one can unlock by eating correct,” she said.


Chhillar who comes from a medical background further credits her doctor parents for inculcating the knowledge of proper nutrition inside her.

“My parents are doctors and they have got all the time told me that our eating habits and the food we eat defines our complete health. With this learning, I have been in a position to lead a very balanced life because awareness approximately nutrition is key for anyone to understand if they’re planning their meals accurately,” the 23-year-old model-turned-actor said.

“Malnutrition can truly damage us from within and I can use my social media to drive home as much awareness as imaginable through National Nutrition Week,” she added.

The 23-year-old stunner further reveals that she is a huge fitness and nutrition fanatic.

“There are some things that I’m deeply passionate approximately and health and nutrition is definitely on top of that chart. I can show people how I eat and balance my diet in order that I retain cravings at bay and also ensure I give proper breaks to my body between meals,” she said.

Manushi Chillar, who is a vegetarian, swears by dals, fruits, veggies, nuts, tofu and her favourite drink is water.

“It’s a fun social media awareness crusade and I’m hoping to connect to as many like-minded people as imaginable and jam with them,” the former Overlook India added.

Manushi also held an AMA via her Instagram stories where she asked her followers to ask her health and fitness related questions. On battling stress, she said, “Exercise and meditation are great stress busters and didn’t let me become bored with studying. You want to balance your day out, work smart and work tough. I too managed to cook for myself in conjunction with sudies, you want to put that additional effort.”

Chillar, who is a vegetarian, swears by dals, fruits, veggies, nuts, tofu and her favourite drink is water.

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