New Covid Strain: More Stringent Days Beckon


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Come January and all of the educational institutes of the state to reopen. Assam government has already get a hold of a fresh set of guidelines for the schools. Then again, at the time of the discovery of the new strain of coronavirus and its presence in the country, enforcement of the strict guidelines is what would be the most important.

Life in Guwahati along side the remainder of the state has returned to nearly normal. The state health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had also claimed that the Covid 19 situation in the state has been under regulate and the state has no plan to impose lockdown again. But with the presence of the new strain of the virus and its fixed spread across the country, lowering our guards is probably not ideal.

In this new circumstance, but even so strict enforcement of the Covid protocols by the authorities, the schools particularly dealing with kids should be highly responsible. School authorities should exhibit a large number of responsibility and be sure that classrooms are properly sanitized and the students are aware of the do’s and don’ts to ward off the pandemic.

But even so, the state government has to retain a sharp vigilance on the incoming passengers from outdoor the state. The airports, railway stations and long-distance traveling vehicles wish to be examined thoroughly without taking any chance.

Already, major parts of the world including top countries were forced to impose lockdown once again in fear of the spread of the new mutant coronavirus. Assam which has already suffered a massive jolt because of the preceding lockdown, the second one round of lockdown may push the state to a dark corner for years.  At the same time in the event of another bout of contagion, the state will have to prepare itself to tackle such adversity.

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