New Year 2021: Our Gadgets Wishlist, From iPhone 12 to PlayStation 5


2021 is going to be a historic year in some ways, as the world embarks on the largest vaccination drive of all time. It’s not possible to say how mannered that process will go and how many people will be inoculated by the end of this year, but provided the sheer size of the objective, presently it looks like we’re going to be spending 2021 in large part indoors as we did for most of 2020. And that in turn means even greater dependence on the gadgets that sustain us, entertain us, and at times, isolate us. The staff at Gadgets 360 is hoping to select up new gadgets in 2021 that would help their lives out and in of work. That includes better laptops, faster graphics cards, office chairs, and home workstations — or gaming consoles, cordless vacuums, and guitar equipment. A large number of us the picks are from the Apple ecosystem, and no, this piece used to be not sponsored by Apple we promise. What gadgets do you have on your new year’s wishlist? Let us know in the comments section.

Abhinav Lal: nothing

After the year that’s been, I’m keeping a hold on my wishes for 2021. I got things I hadn’t to start with deliberate or wished for in 2020, and possibly next year, I’m going to derive each ounce of value I will be able to from those purchases. While I could name past wishlist gadgets that I haven’t yet managed to invest in — like a VR headset — I don’t plan to spend on anything that isn’t imperative in 2021.

Aditya Shenoy: MacBook Air M1

I have been the usage of the MacBook Air since 2017 and it has made my life a lot easier. I am getting a large number of work done on it and the battery life too used to be impressive. But now its slowing showing its age and I might be available in the market soon for a new laptop. I’m used to macOS now, so the upgrade must be a MacBook. The recently launched M1 MacBook Air looks like the very best upgrade for me. This is a lot more powerful than my machine and offers improved battery life as mannered. I find the current price to be quite on the higher side, so I might just wait for some good offers on ecommerce sites before taking the plunge.

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Buy: MacBook Air

Akhil Arora: PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Final year, I said that I would merrily pick up the Xbox Series X whether Microsoft launched Forza Horizon 5 as a next-gen exclusive. Mannered, that didn’t happen, Microsoft hasn’t even announced Forza Horizon 5. In this sort of scenario, I used to be (more than) happy to select up the PlayStation 5 too, not just as a safer bet but to replace the older PlayStation 4 Slim. (Context: I have an Xbox One X, so that are supposed to final me a bit longer.) But that didn’t happen either, as the PS5 hasn’t launched in India yet.

My third (and the sanest option) used to be to save the money for an upcoming holiday. And I did. I’d bought tickets in the Euro 2020 lottery too, but then dull COVID-19 happened. And those plans evaporated overnight. I ended up the usage of the money to upgrade my home theatre system, which has boosted my movie-watching experience — and laid the groundwork for taking advantage of next-gen consoles. Now all I need is the PlayStation 5 to in fact launch here.

Ali Pardiwala: iPhone 12 mini

I’ve spent a good a part of the final decade building up an ecosystem of Apple products, helped along by my access to review units and my office-issued MacBook Air. Then again, the one Apple product range I’ve consciously kept absent from is the iPhone, choosing instead to stick to the familiarity and more open nature of Android. It kind of feels 2021 may in spite of everything change that; I’d like to receive myself an iPhone 12 mini in the coming year.

Numerous factors contribute to my decision to in spite of everything make the leap, including having the entire correct gadgets to go with the iPhone such as the AirPods Pro, MacBook Air, iPad mini (2019), and HomePod mini. Another major consideration is the size of iPhone 12 mini itself; a large number of people propose that it might be TOO small, but I don’t believe I’d have a problem with that at all.

As I am getting older, I even see the iPhone’s simplicity as a major draw to the ecosystem. Despite the fact that I’d likely also be on Android the usage of a second connection, I think 2021 will in spite of everything be the year when I cross over to the iPhone life, and the 12 mini seems like the correct way to receive started.

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Buy: iPhone 12 mini

Aman Rashid: iPhone 13 Pro Max

After the introduction of the iPhone 12 Pro this year, I used to be positive that I am sitting this one out. I currently use the iPhone 11 Pro and so, why would I have much of the same phone? This brings me to the tech purchase I am aiming for in 2021, the iPhone 13 Pro Max or whatsoever Apple comes to a decision to call its biggest and baddest.

I am someone who appreciates little details more than the general things that you get in each phone. And I might sound dull when I say this, but the only reason I didn’t purchase the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the 60Hz screen. I realize, it another way has great cameras, great features, great battery life etc.; basically, it ticks the entire correct boxes, but genuinely speaking, the only reason I can buy the next generation iPhone Pro Max is simply because I am waiting for Apple to put that 120Hz “Pro Motion” high-refresh rate screen on their upcoming iPhone Pros.

Don’t get me unsuitable, but nowadays, nearly each other flagship available in the market is damn good, and whether you put in your hard-earned cash, you’ll be able to most likely be content. It’s just that, for me, the little details matter a lot. So, iPhone 13 Pro Max with a 120Hz display, see you soon!

Gopal Sathe: gaming desktop

I’ve managed to go without owning a desktop for a few years now, but the endless earn a living from home has made me realise that this wasn’t the most productive move for my back and my eyes. A 13-inch laptop is great when you need to retain traveling for work, but if you are stuck at home, it makes sense to have an actual computer you’ll take a seat down in front of. Plus, it will let me dip my toes back into Steam.

I used to be planning to assemble a PC, but a piece of writing approximately Custom PC builders has provided me a handy shortcut. I am not having a look at a high-end rig, but something mid-level that can double up for both work and a few fun would be great to have again.

Buy: Desktop Gaming PC

Jagmeet Singh: A high-tech workstation setup

The trend of working from home that emerged rather widely because of the coronavirus outbreak is likely to remain in place for some time. Thus, instead of searching for a new phone or tablet, I have a couple of thoughts of upgrading my existing home office in 2021. I to start with determined to receive a new work desk and chair for my room, but those don’t seem to be likely to help me take a seat comfortably during my work time. Some research reports also point out “sitting disease” because of bad sedentary way of life. I’m, due to this fact, thinking of going for an advanced workstation setup that features a height adjustable desk.

E-commerce sites including Amazon and Flipkart show probably the most existing electric workstation desks that may be my choice today. Then again, their prices are too high to shop for at this moment. The swift growth of working from home is likely to cause some affordability to that part, though. I’m optimistic that no less than in 2021, I can get something that I could call a high-tech home workstation setup.

Photo Credit: Ikea

Jamshed Avari: A good office chair (suggestions welcome)

Even after the post-traumatic stress of 2020 wears off, I don’t believe I’m going to be spending enormous amounts of money on any upgrades unless something I’m currently the usage of breaks down. I might prolong the lives of my primary phone and laptop by having their batteries swapped out, but let’s be sincere – it doesn’t appear to be any of us will be spending that much time outdoors and untethered besides.

While we will be able to’t tell when or to what degree the world will get back to normal, one object I realize is that I want to set up a better workstation at home, and the primary need is a superb office chair. I would possibly not be going super-high-end with a Herman Miller mannequin or super flashy with a gaming chair, but I think I must spend a fair sum of money on something I will be the usage of for a large portion of each day. Ikea and Featherlite appear to have some suitable options.

Buy: Ikea Langfjaell, or something readers propose

Jasmin Jose: iPhone 13

I have been waiting for the launch for iPhone 13 for a in reality long time (read years). The reason especially has got nothing to do with tech. It’s just that 13 is my favourite number and I all the time knew I’d lay my hands on the iPhone 13 when it released.

The rumoured ultra-wide camera lens for iPhone 13 has only increased my anticipation for the new mannequin’s launch. The final iPhone I owned used to be an iPhone 7 Plus and I’m currently running on Android, so the new iPhone will be a welcome change.

Whether all goes mannered and I do get hold of an iPhone 13, you’ll be able to see me listing it in my favourite tech purchases by the end of 2021. Until then, fingers crossed!

Pranay Parab: MacBook Air

I’ve read the Gadgets 360 reviews of the MacBook Air (M1, 2020) and the Mac mini (M1, 2020) and now I am convinced that these machines are worth the hype. I need a laptop upgrade in 2021, and I am eyeing the MacBook Air M1. It offers excellent performance for the price, together with great battery life.

I am aware of the risks of shopping for a first-generation product, but as with the HomePod and the AirPods, it sounds as if that Apple has found a winning strategy with the M1 SoC for the new Macs. Having said that, I’m still not certain whether I will be able to save enough to shop for the MacBook Air at MRP, so I’m going to first be having a look at good deals on older models or even pre-owned MacBooks. Whether I will be able to’t find those, I’m going to be having a look at Diwali deals on M1 devices with great interest.

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Buy: MacBook Air

Photo Credit: Roydon Cerejo/Gadgets 360

Pankaj Rawat: iMac

I wish to buy a new iMac in order that Adobe Premiere Pro software can run properly. That’s all.

Buy: iMac

Robin John: Nvidia graphics card

Ever since I built my own rig, my eyes were set on upgrading the GPU in addition to my storage options. This year, I’m going to be that specialize in getting my hands on an Nvidia GeForce 2000 series card for my rig. For context, I am currently the usage of the Nvidia GeForce 1660 Super. Since gaming and editing are the basics for me as of now, I think the 2060 Super must suffice. Expectantly, this will help me lower export times and say hello to candy, candy ray-tracing. And yes, possibly, this time I’m going to get more kills on Apex Legends (cries). I might as mannered upgrade my RAM to a 32GB kit. Let’s see, 2021, please be good to us.

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Buy: Galax GeForce RTX 2060 6GB

Roydon Cerejo: Apple One

Final year, I deliberate on picking up a bunch of things for 2020. While I definitely bought more PS4 games, I did not end up buying any new TWS earphones or more wireless chargers. The reason is, I realised I simply didn’t need them particularly since most of us have been working from home for the better a part of 2020.

For 2021, I shouldn’t have any extravagant purchases in brain but I am strongly considering getting an Apple One subscription. But even so Apple Music, I’ve found myself playing a large number of games from Apple Arcade ever since I tested the iPhone 12 Pro and instead of paying a separate subscription for it, Apple One’s Rs. 195 a month base plan seems more value for money. Together with Apple Music and Apple Arcade, you also get access to Apple TV+ and 50GB of cloud storage. While I don’t desperately need these latter two products and services, it doesn’t hurt to have them.

Buy: Apple One

Shayak Majumder: PlayStation 5

I’ve waited with bated breath long enough. Whether things went smoothly, I probably could’ve been writing this as a proud owner of the next-gen PlayStation by now. But alas, Sony hasn’t yet announced when the PS5 will be launching in India. Hearsay mills propose that the shiny new consoles may come in inventory in January, but there is not any confirmation anywhere yet.

And no, I would possibly not be going for an Xbox Series S, that is to be had via Amazon and Flipkart, or the premium Xbox Series X, for that matter.

Certain, the PS5 won’t have droolworthy exclusives at launch, but we’re talking approximately an entire new generation, people. The PS4 used to be launched back in 2013 and since then, it saw a couple iterations and several critically-acclaimed exclusive titles that makes Sony’s PlayStation the sensible platform to be on. And provided the early reviews going gaga approximately the new DualSense controller’s haptics and adaptive triggers, the new PS5 is definitely making me weak in the knees.

So, here’s hoping for a quick availability in India and a great generation of gaming ahead.

Buy: PlayStation 5, whenever it turns up.

Shubham Raheja: Guitar interface and studio monitors

Weirdly, I’m in a spot where I’ve nearly everything tech sorted out — smartphone, PC and even software. So, I have to think out of doors the box. This can be a bit low-tech, but I in reality wish to buy a guitar interface in order that I will be able to connect my guitar to my laptop and have a high-quality output. I’ve got my eyes on the Focusrite Scarlett Solo, a USB Audio Interface which also comes with Pro Tools. A bit expensive, but that’s on the wish list nowadays. Ooh, and the JBL Professional NANO K5 studio monitors would be awesome too.

Buy: Focusrite Scarlett Solo and JBL Professional NANO K5

Srishti Manak: Apple Watch SE

I recently purchased an iPhone XR and I’m having a pretty good time with my new phone; which also means that buying a new phone would possibly not be on the cards in 2021. But whether there’s one gadget I’d like to splash out on in this new year, it will be the Apple Watch SE. From its looks to its specs, there is not anything I don’t like approximately this new Apple watch. As we’ve mentioned in our review, the Apple Watch SE is an affordable Apple watch that has lots of the software features that one would find on the new Apple Watch Series 6, giving me one more reason to go for this one.
Its lower price makes it the entire more attractive and since I will be a first-time user, I consider the Apple Watch SE might just be the very best gadget for me.

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Buy: Apple Watch SE

Tasneem Akolawala: Dyson V11 Absolute Pro

I’ve just shifted homes and this fixed urge to retain things ultra clean (provided the times we are living in) is fitting an issue. I continuously find myself cleaning nooks and crannies after work, or stand up in reality earlier just to receive a head start. To help with this new obsession, I’d love to shop for a Dyson vacuum for the house. The Dyson V11 Absolute Pro must help deep clean sofas and thick carpets, which are generally breeding grounds for dust and small particles.

On account of the price tag attached with it, I’ve not gone ahead and hastily purchased it so far. I’m still marinating on the thought and in reality contemplating on if I need it or not. While the practical side of my mind tells me to go for other affordable options available in the market, I’ve been longing to own a Dyson vacuum since a while now.

Buy: Dyson V11 Absolute Pro

Veer Arjun Singh: nothing

The year 2020 has been expensive. Or no less than it has been for me. It’s true that we’ve got been moving approximately a lot less (saving on fuel), eating out a lot less (saving on exorbitant taxes), and wearing a lot less (pants at home? Nah). Even planning for a vacation has been like day dreaming. But I have been a victim of what you might call revenge shopping. I just call it shopping. (Virtual gold = check)

I upgraded to an iPhone 11 this year from an iPhone 8, but not without an Apple Watch SE and a twosome of AirPods Pro. Music, they say, is an approach to life. And we got a small Marshall Kilburn II at home to kill and burn this wretched time with aplomb. The old VU TV survives and so does the PlayStation 4 Slim. I have a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, and SonyLIV (some circle of relatives money used to be missing throughout Scam 1992), but also Audible and Kindle Unlimited.

What else could a person want? Certain, I had thought of one way or the other getting the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset (for cheap), but two shots of the vaccine with the most productive reviews and a shuttle to the rambunctious Oktoberfest sounds more like what I’d be spending on this year. My tech wish list? I’m going to possibly buy another Philips Hue light for the lounge. But dare I say, I feel like I have it all, for now.

Vineet Washington: New CPU, GPU, motherboard, PlayStation 5, and 4K TV

As is the case with technology, there is all the time an upgrade correct around the corner. While I’ve been the usage of my Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super since July final year, the 3000 series of GPUs are already here, with more suspected to come next year. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to upgrade my CPU to the Core i7-10700K and the motherboard (Z490) with a bit of luck this year and wait for the Ti version of the GeForce RTX 3070 to come out early next year. While that may still be out of budget, it’ll bring down the cost for the GeForce RTX 3070.

A PS5 could also be definitely on my list. Irrespective of when it launches in India, I’m going to try to receive one through someone travelling from out of doors the country, where it will be cheaper. And also, a 4K TV!

Buy: Intel Core i7-10700K and Z490 motherboard

Yousuf Jawed: iPhone 12 mini

In 2021 I am expecting myself to switch iPhone, iPhone 12 Mini is very tempting product. My selection of larger phone used to be not by choice but there were no smaller android phones were to be had. Now iOS has arrived and Apple A14 Bionic is very capable and ahead of Qualcomm counterpart. Camera wise I am very intrigued by Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera and its usage. The image processing and the camera capabilities of iPhones reached to candy spot. Yes, the only problem will be battery life and typing comes top of my head. Mannered for battery life can’t do much and it’ll be good enough and typing problem will take a little time to receive used to that form factor.

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Buy: iPhone 12 Mini

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