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National Institute of Technology, Durgapur has launched a fundraising crusade to help students of bad economic background to continue with their online classes as the institute has gone totally online for the 2020-2021 semester because of the COVID-19 pandemic, an official said.

A observation by the institute said on Saturday this decision (totally online) has posed a great challenge to the current batch of young students, many of whom come from bad economic backgrounds, and cannot find the money for to shop for laptops/ smartphones and avail net connectivity.

“NIT Durgapur is attempting to do its best to supply a wide variety of assistance to these students to receive the required IT hardware and broadband/net connectivity and also to pay their tuition and other fees in order that their education continues,” the observation said.

The institute said you will need to to bridge the digital divide that is threatening the way forward for many students in the present pandemic situation.

“Because of lack of resources and facilities at the institutional level for imparting distance education and learning to our students as none of us ever expected this sort of an unprecedented situation beforehand, it is high time we set up a Centre for Digital Learning in our institute to facilitate the new normal online/ digital mode of education more effectively,” the observation said.

It said the institute has begun the fundraising crusade – #NITDAlumni4edu, the NIT Durgapur urged its alumni to come forward and “donate to a cause that will be sure that each and every student continues to be told, and his/her economic condition doesn’t transform a barrier in fulfilling his/ her dreams.” “We would also welcome CSR funds, and not to mention, any small or big donation would also be highly appreciated,” the observation said.

Those alumni members “who are in the telecom service sectors” were urged “to help out students who are struggling with bad connectivity at home,” it added.

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