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Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra unit of Congress party have upped the ante over actor Kangana Ranaut’s remarks equating Mumbai to Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) by attacking the actor and the Bharatiya Janata Party, which has been defending her.

Sena leader Sanjay Raut said that the political party backing Ranaut over the comments does not have the correct to seek votes in Mumbai. Congress secretary and spokesperson Sachin Sawant alleged that Kangana’s Twitter account is managed by the IT-cell of the BJP and that Devendra Fadnavis and state BJP will have to issue an unconditional apology over the issue.

In a tweet, Ranaut accused Raut of threatening her. She alleged that Raut had openly threatened her to not return to Mumbai whether she has no faith in Mumbai Police. Kangana also added that Mumbai now looks like Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to her. The tweet said: “Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena leader, has provided me an open threat and asked me not to come back to Mumbai, after Aazadi graffitis in Mumbai roads and now open threats, why Mumbai is feeling like Pakistan occupied Kashmir?”

Without naming the actress, the Sena leader said that Ranaut’s statements questioning the ability and the mean of Mumbai police is a “systemic crusade” to defame the city police.

“The Mumbai police have constantly saved the city in all types of challenges including 1992 riots, terrorist strikes, etc. Whether some people not connected to Mumbai are making such statements then this a systemic crusade to defame the Mumbai police. The state home minister and police chief will have to take strong action in a different way the morale of the Mumbai police will be affected.”

Sawant said that Kangana Team, the official take care of of the actor, equals to “Kangana + BJP IT Cell”. “For the past few days, Kangana Ranaut through the IT Cell has been incessantly defaming the Mumbai police. Now, she has compared Mumbai to Pakistan occupied Kashmir and insulted Maharashtra. Instead of condemning her actions, BJP’s Ram Kadam is supporting her, which is utterly shameful,” he said in a observation.

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Raut, meantime, refrained from naming the BJP and said, “Any political party, backing the one calling Mumbai, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, does not have the correct to seek votes in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Their representatives, who are elected from Mumbai, have they been voted in by people from PoK? That party will have to clarify this and they will have to be embarrassed about equating Mumbai to Pakistan. Does this intent that Mumbai police is Pakistan police?”

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The Sena leader not directly said that the actor will have to seek mental help.

“I will be able to not name anybody whether somebody is saying that I issued a threat, I would say this that I never give empty threats. We don’t do such things; I am a Shiv Sainik, and an action-oriented person… Such mental cases have increased in Mumbai; they will have to be treated by the health branch and the home minister will have to immediately take action against people, no matter how big they’re, for defaming the Mumbai police,” Raut told reporters in Mumbai.

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