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US President Donald Trump on Friday said he would probably stay at the White House on Election Night, whether there are restrictions on celebrations at his Trump International hotel here.

Trump is facing Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the November 3 presidential elections.

“We haven’t made a determination. We have sure rules and regulations. You realize Washington DC is shut down. The mayor has shut it down. So we have a hotel (Trump International Hotel).. I don’t realize whether it’s shut, whether you’re allowed to use it or not, but I realize the mayor has shut down Washington DC,’ Trump told reporters here, when asked where would he be staying on Election Night “And whether that’s the case, we’ll probably stay here (White House) or pick another location. I think it’s loopy Washington DC is shut down,” said the president.

On Election Night in 2016, Trump used to be in New York. After fitting the president in 2017, he moved his residence from New York to Florida.

On Friday, Trump is travelling to Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The president has been carrying out on an average three election rallies on a regular basis, each and every of them attracting thousands of supporters.

“We’re doing a large number of travelling. We’ll be doing a large number of rallies. We have some big ones. We’re having a problem with some people in Minnesota where they have got a cap because Biden goes there and he can’t draw flies; he can’t draw anybody. Gets a couple of cars, I guess, and they honk their horn,” he said.

“We’ve got the biggest crowds in the history of politics, and I think you’re going to all be witness to that because there has never been anybody that has ever had bigger crowds or more enthusiasm than we have,” he said, adding that there will be 25,000 people at the rally in Minnesota.

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