Philippines expands trip ban to limit spread of coronavirus variant – trip


The Philippines will ban travellers from 19 countries and territories until mid-January as a measure to retain out a new variant of the coronavirus, its transport ministry said on Tuesday.

The regulation will be in effect from nighttime of December 29 to January 15 and covers Filipinos and foreigners arriving from the “flagged countries”, the transport ministry told reporters in a group text message.

The Philippines prior to now imposed and later extended a flight ban from Britain until mid-January as the more contagious variant of the Covid-19 virus used to be first detected in England.

The new variant, which British scientists have called “VUI – 202012/01,” has renewed fears approximately the virus that has killed over 1.7 million people worldwide.

The flagged countries include France, Australia, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Singapore and Japan.

With more than 470,000 infections and 9,124 deaths, the Philippines has the second one highest number of Covid-19 cases and casualties in Southeast Asia, next to Indonesia.

The new variant has not been detected in the Philippines.

Philippine health officials said the trip ban could be expanded to include more countries must those outline the presence of the new Covid-19 variant.

(This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text.)

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