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President Donald Trump has safe the United States Charter, ensured freedom of religion and expression of speech in The us, his supporters in two adjoining battleground States of Ohio and Pennsylvania have said, emphasising that it is just him who can create jobs and revive the country’s economy after the pandemic.

Most of the supporters, including numerous women and small trade owners, on Saturday argued that Trump isn’t influenced by anyone and has taken a strong stand against countries like China and Mexico to save The us’s interest.

“He’s a Constitutional president. He just loves The us. He did not have do this. He’s a billionaire. He could have just retired and gone absent. And instead, he’s doing this all for us to retain us free,” Mexcine, a strong supporter of Trump, told PTI at the Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport, where Trump addressed one of his four rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Trump, a Republican, is being challenged by his Democratic rival Joe Biden in the November 3 election.

Mexine alleged that Biden has done nothing for the final 47 years, and puts fear into people instead of promise. “A large number of Americans don’t do mannered when they’re frightened,” Mexcine said, adding that she would really like President Trump to work towards keeping the country ‘more united’ and ‘retain doing what he’s doing’ in the next term.

Kane, another Trump supporter, said: “He has done such a lot for the country, while being in the office. Him being a billionaire, he just doesn’t have to try this. He cares approximately the country. He does not lie. He isn’t mendacity to us like the other side. And he values life. He’s pro-life”.

She disputed the argument on Trump’s tax return. “This job has nothing to do with his tax returns. He does not even take a salary being a president. He gives this to charity, she said. The New York Times had reported in September, claiming that the Republican leader paid USD 750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017, and also he have shyed away from federal taxes for years. At the same time Kanne acknowledged that the country is divided more than it used to be four years ago. “I have no idea why. I imagine, it’s the other side who is dividing it,” she alleged.

Craig Roberts, who six months ago started a manufacturing job in rural Pennsylvania and says has created 17 jobs in the country, said that he’s voting for Trump as a result of his policies on China that is bringing manufacturing jobs back. “We prefer Trump. One of the important issue is that we are getting our provide chain out of China and into friendlier countries like India and Mexico and then back to the United States,” he said.

In the next term, Roberts wants President Trump to retain taxes low and get the provide chain back from China.

Protection of devout rights and Christian values is the biggest issue for Chip, who attended Trump’s rally at Butler at the side of his wife. “Both are protected under Trump,” he said, explaining the reasons for his vote to the Republican incumbent. The president’s performance in the first term is “better than expected,” he said.

“He isn’t your typical president, but appears to be getting things done,” he said, adding that the values and policies of Democratic presidential candidate Biden does not align with his believes.

Sherrod, who came to the Trump rally with his wife and three kids, said that he’s voting for Trump because he cares for freedom. “Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion,” he said, adding that the president offers him the entire freedom that he wants. Biden is just “the contrary of that,” he said. “I think, he’s all approximately power. That’s what I consider the Democratic party in power. Anything for power,” he said.

Bruce Barns, who works in the service sector, said that he’s worried that whether the Democrats come to power, taxes are going to go up through the roof. His (Trump’s) first term has been truly good, when you look at from the stand point of imports, trying to receive jobs back home, and bringing the unemployment to a record low, pre-COVID-19,” Barns said.

Reviving the country’s economy is the biggest object done by Trump in the final three and half years. “I have more hours of work than before,” Eden said at an election rally in Youngstown, Ohio. “I are not looking for our country to be taken over by the Democrats,” he said.

Mark McGrail, who does title searches for oil and gas industry in Ohio, said that prior to Covid-19, Trump created one of the vital best economy for the US in the final 60 years. “The Biden-Harris ticket will kill the American economy. You look at the so-called Green New Deal. Energy is the life and blood of our country. And they have a tendency to kill the energy sector of our economy,” Mark said in response to a question.

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