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New Delhi: Leaders of 22 opposition parties on Friday determined to submit to a 10-point constitution of demands to the Centre, urging it to chorus from the usage of the Covid-19 crisis for personal political gains, activate parliamentary institutions such as standing committees and supply financial help to states.

The assembly, chaired by Congress president Sonia Gandhi, also appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to immediately reach out to the entire political parties in a systematic manner, engage them in a dialogue with listen seriously to their suggestions to care for the health and economic crisis triggered by the lethal coronavirus.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar said the like-minded parties consider that this is neither the time for showmanship nor the one-upmanship. “This is the time for a collective endeavour to cause India out of this crisis. This is what the people of India need and this is what the people of India demand,” he added.

Pawar said the opposition parties are collectively going to bring a ten- point demand to the Centre for instant implementation.

“Chorus from the usage of the crisis for personal political gain, activate parliamentary institutions like standing committees and be genuine in helping the states financially and another way,” he said.

Pawar stressed the wish to take the correct steps to gradually restore Road transport inside the states and plan for resumption of air and rail products and services that were disrupted by the lockdown.

“New policies for encouraging industrial growth will have to be incorporated to draw new investment in the states. To increase imports, exports and inland shipping, consultations will have to be held with industrialists, entrepreneurs and expert officials in the field,” he added.

“The number of students will decline for the next academic year because of the lockdown. Some educational institutions are likely to break down or near down because of financial losses. A study group or committee will have to be appointed to take timed measures,” the former union minister said.

Pawar said the state governments are relaxing the conditions of lockdown but factories don’t seem to be ready to renew as workers have migrated to the villages.

“We wish to strategise to cause them back,” he said.

Earlier, the opposition parties urged the Centre to immediately declare the devastation caused by Cyclone Amphan in Odisha and West Bengal as a national calamity and called for considerably helping the two states in facing the have an effect on of the catastrophe.

The leaders passed a resolution in this regard and said relief and rehabilitation will have to be the topmost precedence at this juncture.

“We, the opposition parties, extend our sympathy and toughen to the governments and people of West Bengal and Odisha in assembly the have an effect on of the devastation caused by Cyclone Amphan,” it said.

The resolution said a natural calamity like Cyclone Amphan has come as a double blow to the states amid the coronavirus pandemic, breaking the spirits of people.

“Opposition parties, due to this fact, urge the central government to immediately declare this as a national calamity and considerably help the states in facing the have an effect on of this catastrophe,” it added.

The resolution said the people of Odisha and West Bengal urgently need the toughen and solidarity of the governments and citizens of the country.

Relief and rehabilitation will have to be the topmost precedence at this juncture, it further said, adding the potential of an outbreak of other diseases because of the calamity should also not be ignored.

“We, the opposition parties, call upon the central government to supply pressing help to our fellow citizens/countrymen,” it said.

The leaders also conveyed their deepest condolences to the families of those who missing their lives because of the cyclone.

“We express our solidarity and sympathies with the pain of those who have suffered other losses. The country and its people are already in the middle of a grim struggle for survival combating the Covid-19 pandemic,” they said.

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