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It has been weeks since Sacred Games season 2 debuted to widely different responses. While the first season of the Netflix show was once universally appreciated and has since been nominated for international Emmys, the reaction to second season was once divisive.

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Saif Ali Khan, who plays Sartaj Singh in the show, has now said that while he was once fine with the cliffhanger ending to Sacred Games season 2, he preferred the response part 1 received. “It’s not that i am as happy as I used to be with response to part 1,” he said comparing the two seasons in an interview to Bollywood Hungama, “I think some people found it a little different and it was once at all times going to be a little different. It is known as Sacred Games and it is approximately a guru going on approximately things. I have a spotboy whose opinion I reasonably value, his name is Hira, and he said who guru ka thoda zyada ho gaya.”

Talking approximately the ending that left Mumbai seconds absent from a nuclear holocaust, he added, “I used to be okay with the ending because it doesn’t make a difference – either it blows up or he saves it. I reasonably like the show; it was once another way placed. The first season had some loopy things – Cuckoo’s character and development of my character. Vikram (Motwane ) in reality nailed it as a director. Second season, the climax could have been… I find it irresistible but I will understand people preferred the first one, that’s the vibe I got.”

He also spoke approximately his movie Phantom and why it failed to work with the audience; it was once a spy thriller – a genre to which Netflix’s Bard of Blood and Amazon Prime’s The Circle of relatives Man also belong. “I have my own issues with Phantom – one is the end that was once changed. I wish I had the understanding to consider it more and could have told it to Kabir (director Kabir Khan) that don’t change the end; this guy has to receive the salute of his men. We changed the end, killed him and gave that salute to Katrina. Another object is my hair were too naughty, I must have had a military more or less haircut. Unfortunately, I used to be shooting another movie and that’s something that will never happen again. I remorse that.”

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Oct 08, 2019 17:42 IST

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