Saif Ali Khan’s sizzling look even at the age of 50 is credited to this secret – fitness


The scrutiny of high definition cameras may catch up to most actors, but even after 27 years in the movie industry, for 50-year-old Saif Ali Khan, this is a walk in the park. Everyone knows and love the fresh-faced Saif of yester years who charmed us with delightful performances in films like Hum Saath-Saath Hain and Main Khiladi Tu Anari. But the man who has grown into his role as the ‘Nawab of Pataudi’, has an absolutely mesmerizing aura. Whether there is one person in all the Bollywood industry whose looks have been a consistent showstopper, it’s the talented Saif Ali Khan.

Khan recently celebrated his 50th birthday on August 16 with his family and friends. The pictures he shared of himself in a traditional white kurta had his fans all across social media in absolute thrall. His age-defying looks may come as a surprise to a couple, but we’re here to tell you, they’re the results of years of tough work put into the gym, healthy eating and an overall robust way of life.

#SaifAliKhan is turning up the heat with these pictures.

— Filmfare (@filmfare) September 14, 2020

Unlike most of the people in the movie industry, Saif Ali Khan does not have a personal trainer. Whatever changes he needs to make for his roles, he does on his own accord. He works out for more than 2 hours each day and makes it a point to add something new to his diet each and every month. His workout and yoga routines rarely change and he’s a firm believer in consistency in relation to working for the body kind that one desires.

Khan uses weight training to bulk up and even practices kickboxing to retain his body toned and bendy, followed by some shadow training to target his arms and belly. Where his diet is concerned, Saif totally avoids alcohol and junk food. Green tea is his go-to drink whenever he feels stressed after a long day of work, he shared in an interview throughout the promotions of Jawani Janeman.

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